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Now that Shenindja can have mimic and with the new move Burn, I wondered if there was a way too improve this.

The ''old'' typeless strategy:
Audino and Shenindja are send into the field. Audino uses entrainment on an opponent and Sheninja uses mimic on Audino. Shenindja now knows entrainment. Then Audino switches out and Arcanine/Typhlosion comes in. Shenindja uses entrainment on Arcanine/Typhlosion (so I don't have to type too much I'll continue with just typing Arcanine but I mean both/either your choice) Now Arcanine has Wonder guard and uses Burn Up and becomes typeless, continues the sweep from there.

The ''new'' typeless strategy:
Octillery and Sheninja are send into the field. Octillery uses entrainment on an opponent and Sheninja uses mimic on Octillery, Shenindja now knows entrainment, while Octillery uses soak on Sheninja. Now you have 2 typeless Pokemon that can give Wonder Guard to a Pokemon regardless of whom's getting knocked/phased out.
Sheninja switches out and Arcanine switches in. Octillery uses entrainment on Arcanine. Now Arcanine has Wonder guard and uses Burn Up and becomes typeless and Octillery uses mimic to learn Burn Up, uses it and also becomes typeless, the typeless duo continues the sweep from there. You can also have a Ditto or Smeargle on standby to transform into 1 of the typeless guys.

In addition if the Sheninja gets switched in again it can now learn Burn Up and becomes typeless.
I would gives Octillery something like seed bomb or an other grass move, because he turns you into water with soak and I think it synergizes well with fire from burn up, yo could of course also use some electric type moves and make sure Arcanine has some nice coverage as well.

Let me know what you think and how this could be improved.

The simple answer is that it's bad because Shedninja will be KO'd way before either it or the octopus can actually do anything. it's fun and I highly suggest you try it it out but if you're actually trying to win and do well it's really bad.
You just sit there without attacking. That's not a very good strategy.
Both strategies are more of a gimmick (hence the name Gimmigans= gimmick+shenanigans) hoping for an opponent that uses set up or has the wrong pokemon or are just stupid and the first Wonder Guard takes only 2 turns instead of 3. It provides more safety if you get those first 2 turns and you have 2+ invulnerable pokemon so you can't get pp stalled.
I think only Fire types can use Burn Up, so even if Octillery uses Burn Up via Mimic, it would fail. Besides, Entrainment and Mimic are incompatible on Octillery.
What do you mean by "improve this"? If you want to make it actually usable in competitive battling, then I think it's impossible.

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As others have already said in the comments, there are just too many holes in this strategy to make it work. For one, Burn Up fails if the user isn’t a Fire type, making it useless on Octillery. Second, it’s impossible to get both Mimic and Entrainment on the same Octillery, and third, even if the first two points weren’t an issue, the strategy would take too long to set up to be pheasible against any player who has an ounce of experience; even if they don’t see what you’re doing, they’ll likely be able to take out one or both of your Pokémon before you’re ready to fight back. I’m afraid I just can’t see any way to make this strategy work at all, sorry.