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I've played this game a lot of times but it's always just five mons and a Bibarel. I'm playing this game again just for the fun of it and my team so far consists of Garchomp, Infernape, Gyarados and Staraptor. The fifth slot is gonna be Frosslass so I need one for the last slot. The last member must be

  • not Giratina
  • not a trade evolution
  • can be caught before Snowpoint
  • have decent stab moves that aren't egg moves
  • not have a type overlap with the ones already mentioned
  • not be difficult to level up. Daycaring Gyarados and Garchomp is already time consuming enough
Why Frosslass over Weavile?
Because Frosslass looks cooler than Weavile to me and I never used it before so nice change of pace

If you're gonna use Pokemon on the basis of what looks cooler then anything works. Frosslass isn't just as good as Weavile.
@Swastik this is in-game. Anything works, so there's no reason to *not* use Froslass (a bit convoluted, but you see my point).
If anything works, what's the point of the question?
You do realize you are asking a person of his personal preference right? And what's the point of the question? The question asks for the last slot and not the fifth one so whether Weavile or Frosslass is better is irrelevant to the question

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Checking what's available, Roserade and Jolteon are the best bets to help round out this team. I notice there isn't exactly a relilable way to get through Water-Types with the team, and these two can provide an answer (not completelty, since neither can cover both Gyarados and Quagsire. Other members can help muscle through.) for those. Budew can be caught right at the beginning of the game at route 204 to help against all the gyms, while Eevee is obtainable right before the 3rd gym as a gift.

Notes if you use either:
For Roserade:
- The last relevant move it learns is Toxic Spikes at level 28. (Synthesis at level 46 is too much of an investment) If you aren't interested in Toxic Spikes, evolve after learning Giga Drain at level 25.
- The first Shiny Stone is available at Iron Island.
- TM36 for Sludge Bomb is located in the Galactic Warehouse.

For Jolteon:
- Eevee doesn't learn anything useful, so evolve into Jolteon immediately after picking up a Thunder Stone.
- The first Thunderstone is hidden in the Solaceon Ruins.
- Pick up the TM for Shock Wave at route 215 since otherwise Jolteon has no good Electric move to make use of for the time being.
- The TM for Thunderbolt is available at Valey Windworks after being able to surf.

Hope this helps.

Edit because I forgot it: Luxray isn't here because of bad STAB options, and Magnezone isn't here because it isn't available before Wake

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Thanks. I think I'm gonna go with Roserade since its grass knot is gonna hurt Cynthia's Milotic a lot. Oh and I already beat wake. I just danced up five times with Gyarados in front of his own and brute forced my way thru
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Your last Pokémon should be Jolteon because you don't have a Electric-type.

Jolteon @ Magnet
Ability: Volt Absorb

Shadow Ball
Rain Dance

Why is Jolteon better than Luxray or Magnezone?
Jolteon is faster than Luxray and Magnezone.
I think thunder wave is better than rain dance.
I think you also have to put in consideration not using a Pokemon that you would think of right away. Using unique Pokemon in a playthrough is one of the most fun parts about it. I used magnezone in my ultra moon playthrough and it was so fun because I had used vikavolt as my electric type in my sun and moon playthroughs
Magnezone isn't all that unique. Almost everyone on Smogon agrees that it's better than Vikavolt. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/pokemon-ultra-sun-and-ultra-moon-in-game-tier-list-v2.3676552/
I mean in a playthrough. When you are doing Pokemon Showdown you can use any Pokemon with the click of a button :/
I also mean in a playthough. Why did you think I was ever talking about Showdown?
Sorry just saw the link was Smogon and assumed it was talking about showdown. What I mean by unique is that magnezone is a lot more out of the way than vikavolt, grubbin is the route 1 Bug type, and magnezone is a steel electric type that is a little rarer. Idk, I have weird affiliations with different pokemon plus the question is about platinum not usum
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Your team needs a way to deal with Water. The later game of Sinnoh has a lot of Water types in it, so I would definitely recommend getting a Grass or Electric type. (In my diamond playthrough I had to get Shock Wave on my Dialga because I had nothing for Water, and Cynthia's Milotic suuuuucked.)

I would recommend Abomasnow but you already have an Ice type so next Pokemon.

Luxray is a really cool option. Luxray is not a Pokemon used often in competitive because of its mediocre stats, but it has an amazing attack stat of 120. Definitely a nice change of pace.

If you want a Grass type, there aren't that many good options after Abomasnow. If you really want a change of pace, you should got for Tropius, but that would also be a third flying type. I think two solid options would be Roserade or Carnivine. Roserade is kind of a stereotypical grass type to use in a Sinnoh playthrough, so I would pick Carnivine. It doesn't have the best stats, but it's pretty unique, and definitely a fun Pokemon to use. It has an Attack stat of 100 and Sp. Atk of 90, as well as mediocre defenses. Roserade on the other hand, has a nice advantage of the secondary Poison typing, as well as a good movepool.

Hope I helped!