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Share your best in-game teams for Pokemon Platinum on this thread! Your team should be aimed toward making casual runs of the game efficient, enjoyable and hassle-free.

Before submitting yours, please read the following guidelines and ensure your team follows each one.

  • Include your recommended Pokemon in your answer, each with recommended moves for use throughout the playthrough. You can include items, abilities, EVs, or natures, but they are not necessary.

  • Remember that players may be unable to access certain Pokemon, such as those restricted by trade evolutions. If you'd like to suggest a Pokemon like this, please mention alternative/s.

  • Take into account that most players do not want to abuse glitches or the random number generator, or use cheating devices, such as Action Replay. Please do not recommend abusing any of these.

  • Please post original teams. Do not post teams made by other people, such as Youtubers.

  • Consider the unspoken rules of in-game teams, such as to keep the starter on the team, include six Pokemon, or avoid legendaries. You're welcome to suggest otherwise but, again, it's kind to include other options.

  • Provide explanation and detail. Justify your Pokemon and moveset choices; possible discussion points include ease-of-use, team synergy and coverage for key battles.

  • Submit your team as an answer, not a comment. To keep things tidy, we will remove any teams posted as comments in this thread. If you simply want to update your post, use the 'edit' button.

Please use the Diamond and Pearl thread to share teams for Diamond and Pearl.

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I'm doing a Piplup-based team now.
Actually, never mind, I'm not doing a Piplup team for this.

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Ok, so I don't think this would work that well against the Sunyshore gym leader, but here goes!

Houndoom - (this only works in Platinum, to my knowledge.) Houndoom is available on route 214 when you find a Houndour that might be level 23 and level it up to level 24, where it evolves into Houndoom.

Strength - An HM move, what else can I say? Also, it is a tough move, which will work with the next move.
Rock smash - basically the same reasons as Strength, but no other Pokemon except for Empoleon will learn rock smash, and we want at least one non-HM move on each moveset.
Fire Fang - A good move if you want ample PP, plus it gets STAB. It also has beauty, which works with the next move on our moveset.
Fire Blast - If you know you have PP ups, a Leppa Berry, or a Pokemon center nearby, feel free to use this move. It is really powerful with Houndoom's special attack, and I used the TM Corner in the Veilstone City shopping department to obtain the TM.

Magnezone - I personally used SoulSilver for getting the Magnemite, but I saw a friend's game and she got her Magnemite from Fuego Ironworks, and she ended up beating the Champion.

Magnet Bomb - The STAB works well, and this is your only way to get past Mt. Coronet and other cave areas because of Graveler and Geodude. It is your gateway to freedom when someone starts spamming double team or sand attack. Also, it has the "cool" contest typing, which all other moves here have.
Spark - If you are in doubles, you kind of need to use this move against a water or flying type, and STAB works to make this more than a mediocre move with a ton of PP.
Discharge - If you are in singles, then this will work better than Spark unless you run out of PP. If you are in doubles and plan to use this move, substitute one of the Pokemon here with a ground type, and always use that ground type with Magnezone in doubles.
Thunder - An incredible move when it hits. If it doesn't, then you are probably out of luck and need to use Magnet Bomb instead. I got the TM at the Veilstone City shopping department. The low accuracy does not make this the worst move ever, though. It can take out Toxicroak when it hits, which is used by Team Galactic a lot.

Roserade / Roselia - Some people (Like me) do not want to use the unintuitive Dowsing Machine to search all along Route 210, so we wait until Iron Island for our Roserades.

Giga Drain - Seriously, did you think this wasn't going to be on here? The soaring special attack with STAB helps the unimpressive HP and Defense recuperate.
SolarBeam - If you have a relatively weak Pokemon offensively that you are going up against, this works like a charm. I say this because it needs to charge and you need to make sure you don't faint in the middle of it all. Also, it's cool in contests.
Cut - That one HM that no one wanted, and it's cool in contests.
Magical Leaf - The move that is just there, and works well because of STAB. I usually use this pretty often when I am secluded and don't have that much PP, and do not want to use cut.

Crobat - Easy access to Zubat early in the game.

Fly- HM, good move, only flying type... What else is there to say?
Shadow Ball - It really is the only Ghost-type move on this team, and it is decent.
Air Cutter - STAB, chance of 110 power, a lot of PP, and 95% hit rate? This seems incredible.
Bite - For some reason, Platinum has an obsession with Kirlia... Bite kills it.

Empoleon - Most people think Empoleon is horrible because it will never be good against Infernape, but you battle Torterra more, so it doesn't really matter that much.

Dig - Coverage for electric types and you don't need to buy escape ropes. Also, smart.
Surf - HM and STAB... Perfect combination.
Brine/Waterfall - Brine is good because it can deal a lot of damage if you used Surf first. Waterfall is incredible competitively and it is a STAB HM.
Rock Climb - HM, and no one else wanted to learn it, so you get rid of metal claw for it...

Gardevoir - Ralts is kind of late for catching Pokemon, but it is worth it.

Psychic - STAB, and Toxicroak killer.
Magical Leaf - If your Roselia or Roserade is underleveled, fear not, Magical Leaf is here!
Teleport/Icy Wind/Ice Punch - Teleport before Fly, so you at least have something to transport quickly without having to use the Bike in fourth gear. For Icy Wind, Dragon and Flying slayer with the Special Attack boost. For Ice Punch, Dragon and Flying slayer with a pretty bad Attack but better power.
Calm Mind/Future Sight - Both of these are for scenarios where you don't need to attack immediately, but you do need to attack. If you go with Calm Mind, use Icy Wind because you can set it up that way. If you use Future Sight, I would flip a coin between the two Ice moves.

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Pokemon Platinum Team-

I'm going to be posting three separate teams, one team for each starter. First off, the team if you start with Piplup. As for how this will work, I will list the Pokemon with their recommended held item and give you three strongly recommended moves on it, followed by the fourth slot being filled with many different move options that you can choose between, as well as explanations and descriptions for why the moves were chosen. Lastly, I will follow up with the ability that I recommend and then finish up with the location that you can receive this Pokemon, and their evolution methods.

This is personally my least favorite Platinum team since Empoleon is my least favorite Sinnoh starter. However, I like all the other Pokemon on this team.

But without further ado, here are the Pokemon that will be on this team:
Empoleon, Togekiss, Gallade, Gengar, Weavile, Gliscor

Empoleon- (Choice Specs)

Flash Cannon
Ice Beam
Grass Knot/Hydro Pump/Hydro Cannon/Drill Peck

Surf is a powerful STAB, and is a useful HM for getting around. Flash Cannon is also a great stab move for Empoleon, and it can take care of Ice types nicely. Ice Beam is a great coverage move that hits certain Ground types that take neutral damage from Surf, plus it also hits Dragon types that resist Surf. The last move is up to you. Grass Knot can be used as extra coverage and hits Water types that resist all of Empoleon's other moves for super-effective damage. Hydro Pump can be used in instances you want more power than Surf. Hydro Cannon is the same deal as Hydro Pump, except even more powerful, but at the cost of having to recharge the turn after. Drill Peck can be used as coverage against Fighting types and also if you wish to place a physical move on Empoleon. As for the ability, the only one it can have in this generation is Torrent.

Location: Starter, pick Piplup, given by Professor Rowan on Route 201. Evolves into Prinplup at level 16, then Empoleon at level 36.

Togekiss- (Leftovers)

Air Slash
Aura Sphere
Flamethrower/Shadow Ball/Ancientpower/Thunder Wave/Roost

Air Slash is going to be Togekiss's main flying STAB, as it is a special attacker with an incredible 120 Sp. Attack stat. Aura Sphere will be coverage, hitting Rock, Ice, and Steel Pokemon super-effectively. As an added bonus, it has perfect accuracy. Fly is an HM that is needed, and having no Flyer is very annoying so I would recommend putting it on Togekiss as a filler move. For the last move, what you want is up to you. Flamethrower is a nice and powerful coverage move, and since there are no fire types on this team, this may be the only fire move. Shadow Ball is a good coverage move that will hit Psychic and Ghost types while having perfect neutral coverage with Aura Sphere. Ancientpower is their if you wanna play around with a possible all-stats buff move. Thunder Wave is there for paralyzing and catching Pokemon, and also for a ParaFlinch strategy with Air Slash. Roost is their for recovery, and Togekiss has excellent defenses stats and a solid HP stat so it's their if you want it. For the ability, MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT YOU GET SERENE GRACE, HUSTLE IS USELESS! Serene Grace will double the chance of secondary effects of certain moves. For example, Flamethrower has a doubled chance of burning the foe, Air Slash has a doubled chance of flinch, Shadow Ball has a doubled chance of lowering the foe's special defense, Ancientpower has a doubled chance of raising all stats, and so on.

Location: Eterna City, from a Togepi egg given by Cynthia. Evolve into Togetic through friendship, and into a Togekiss using a Shiny Stone.

Gallade- (Expert Belt)

Psycho Cut
Close Combat
Night Slash
Leaf Blade/Swords Dance/Bulk Up/Thunder Wave/False Swipe

Psycho Cut is a powerful physical STAB for Gallade. Close Combat is also a very powerful STAB, annihilating anything that is weak against it. Night Slash is for good coverage, hitting Psychic and Ghost types for super-effective damage, as well as granting near-perfect neutral coverage with Close Combat. As for the last move, it is up to you. Leaf Blade can be used to take care of Water types as this team does not have a Grass or Electric type on it. Swords Dance can be used to buff up Gallade's beastly 125 Attack stat, and make it even more of a powerhouse. Bulk Up can also be used instead, while also giving Gallade a nifty little Defense buff as well. Thunder Wave can be used for utility and for catching Pokemon, same goes for False Swipe. The only ability it can get in this game is Steadfast.

Location: Catch as a Ralts in Route 208 or 209. Ralts evolves into Kirlia at level 20, and Kirlia evolves into Gallade through use of a Dawn Stone. Make sure the Ralts is male, as Gallade will only evolve from a male Kirlia if you use a Dawn Stone on it.

Gengar- (Wise Glasses)

Shadow Ball
Sludge Bomb
Energy Ball/Giga Drain/Focus Blast

Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb are there for powerful STAB attacks. Thunderbolt is used because this team has no Grass or Electric types so having a move that is SE on Water type Pokemon is very important. The last slot can be used for even more coverage against Water types if you wish. Energy Ball is there for power, Giga Drain for health recovery. Focus Blast can be used if you went with Leaf Blade on Gallade, and Focus Blast will have perfect neutral coverage with Shadow Ball. Levitate is Gengar's only ability in this game.

Location: Old Chateau, catch as a Gastly. Gastly evolves into Haunter at level 25, and trade Haunter to get Gengar. If you cannot trade, Haunter can still be a viable option.

Weavile- (Life Orb)

Ice Punch
Night Slash
Brick Break
Swords Dance/Slash/X-Scissor/Screech

Ice Punch and Night Slash will be Weavile's physical STAB attacks. The reason you want Weavile is due to Ice Punch, since Cynthia's Garchomp will destroy Empoleon, so you need a fast Ice type attacker to handle Garchomp. Therefore, Weavile is very important to this team as it is the counter to the champion's ace Pokemon. For the rest of the moves, Brick Break is coverage, hitting Rock and Steel types super-effectively. In the last moveslot, Swords Dance can be used to boost Weavile's magnificent 120 base Attack. Slash or X-Scissor can also be used as a filler move if you wish. Screech can be used instead if Swords Dance is too difficult to obtain. Pressure is the only ability that Weavile has in this generation.

Location: Route 216, as a Sneasel. Sneasel will evolve if you equip the Razor Claw and level it up one level at night.

Gliscor- (Earth Plate)

Aerial Ace
Stone Edge
Swords Dance/Night Slash/X-Scissor/U-Turn/Fire Fang/Roost

Rounding out the team is a personal favorite of mine, Gliscor. Aerial Ace and Earthquake are powerful STAB attacks. Stone Edge is for coverage against Ice types, while also granting very good coverage along with Earthquake, forming the infamous EdgeQuake combination. For the last move, Swords Dance can be used to buff up Gliscor's nice physical Attack stat. Night Slash can also be an option to nail Psychic and Ghost Types. X-Scissor can be used to hit Psychic and Dark types. U-Turn can be used for scouting. Fire Fang can be used as additional coverage against Ice types, and can be used if you choose not to put Flamethrower on Togekiss. Roost is used for recovery and is a good option as Gliscor has very good physical defense with decent Sp. Defense and HP backing it up as well. For the ability, I would recommend Hyper Cutter, as Gliscor is a physically attacking Pokemon, and having an ability that will prevent its physical attack stat from ever being lowered is extremely helpful.

Location: Route 206, under the Cycling Road, catch as a Gligar, evolve into a Gliscor by equipping the Razor Fang and leveling it up once during the night.

The team may be missing a Fire, Grass, and Electric type, however, due to the good movepools of the Pokemon on this team, this shouldn't be an issue and can also make the game more interesting to have such an unusual roster like this.

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Pokemon Platinum Team-

This is the team I would recommend if you chose Chimchar as your starter. As for how this will work, I will list the Pokemon with their recommended held item and give you three strongly recommended moves on it, followed by the fourth slot being filled with many different move options that you can choose between, as well as explanations and descriptions for why the moves were chosen. Lastly, I will follow up with the ability that I recommend and then finish up with the location that you can receive this Pokemon, and their evolution methods.

This is personally my favorite of the 3 Pokemon Platinum teams that I have created on this site, since Infernape is my favorite of the Sinnoh starters. But without further ado, let's begin.

Here are the Pokemon that will make up this team-
Infernape, Roserade, Vaporeon, Staraptor, Luxray, Garchomp

Infernape- (Expert Belt)

Close Combat
Shadow Claw
Flare Blitz/Fire Blast/Blast Burn/U-turn/Rock Slide/Grass Knot/ThunderPunch/Aerial Ace

Infernape sports an impressive base 104 Attack and Sp. Attack stat, backed up by a blazing base 108 Speed stat, with a very wide movepool to boot. This makes it an ideal choice for a mixed sweeper, and the moves that I will recommend are used for that purpose. Flamethrower is the Fire type STAB of choice as it is quite powerful and has no drawbacks. Close Combat is the Fighting type STAB of choice, as its arguably the best Fighting type move that Infernape gets. Shadow Claw is a very solid coverage move on Infernape, with it nailing its Psychic weakness while also providing perfect neutral coverage alongside Close Combat. The last move can be whatever attacking move you want. Flare Blitz is a physical Fire STAB that is pure power with the cost of recoil. Fire Blast is also very powerful but somewhat inaccurate. Blast Burn is the most powerful move that Infernape can learn, but comes with a recharge period after use. U-turn can be used for scouting, or Rock Slide can be used for the potential flinching, as Infernape is very fast. Grass Knot can cover its Water and Ground weaknesses, or you can opt for ThunderPunch which can be used to cover its Water and Flying weaknesses. Aerial Ace is a filler move that is nice since it has perfect accuracy. The only ability Infernape has in this game is Blaze.

Location: Starter, pick Chimchar, given by Professor Rowan on Route 201. Evolves into Monferno at level 14, then Infernape at level 36.

Roserade- (Choice Specs)

Petal Dance
Sludge Bomb
Shadow Ball
Energy Ball/Giga Drain/Grass Knot/Weather Ball/Hidden Power/Leech Seed/Toxic Spikes

Roserade has an outrageous base 125 Sp. Attack stat, with great base 105 Special Defense and good base 90 Speed to compliment it, combined with a decent special movepool, which is why its an ideal Pokemon to hold the Choice Specs. For the first move, Petal Dance is the perfect Grass type STAB move for Roserade alongside the Choice Specs. Roserade is already locked into using the move regardless, so slapping on the Choice Specs gives it a free 50% in power. Sludge Bomb is the second move, as it is Roserade's Poison type STAB move of choice and pretty powerful to boot. Shadow Ball is the third move and provides coverage against Roserade's Psychic type weakness, and it can be very handy against Elite Four Lucian. The last move can be pretty much whatever you wish. Energy Ball can be used for power (while still being able to switch out), Giga Drain for health recover, or Grass Knot can be used to deal with heavy Pokemon. Weather Ball can be used for its versatility. Hidden Power, if you get a good one (such as Fire, Ground, or Ice), can also be used as a coverage option. Leech Seed can be used to deal with an annoying tanky Pokemon, and Toxic Spikes can be a nice utility move. As for the ability, I would recommend Natural Cure, although Poison Point isn't bad in game, so it really isn't that big of a deal.

Location: Route 208, catch as a Roselia. It's easier to raise from a Roselia than a Budew. Use a Shiny Stone on Roselia to evolve it, preferrably at or after level 40, as that's when it learns Petal Dance.

Vaporeon- (Leftovers)

Ice Beam
Hydro Pump
Toxic/Protect/Substitute/Acid Armor/Haze/Aqua Ring/Heal Bell

Vaporeon is a tank that can deal out a lot of special damage, a great Pokemon to hold the Leftovers. It's 130 base HP, 110 base Sp. Attack, and 95 base Sp. Defense are just a testament to the previous statement. Therefore, these are the following moves that I would recommend for it. Surf is the main Water type STAB move, as it is very powerful and an incredibly useful HM move. Ice Beam is the next move, a very nice coverage move that will cover its Grass weakness as well as hitting Dragon types (such as Cynthia's Garchomp) very hard. Hydro Pump is what I would recommend in the third slot, since sometimes you might want a bit more power than Surf can offer, and it will hit very hard. For the last slot, I would recommend some sort of utility move, since Vaporeon has great tanking prowess. Toxic can be used to whittle Pokemon down, Protect can be used for some Leftovers recovery, or you can use Substitute for scouting. Acid Armor raises Vaporeon's weaker Defensive stat, or Haze can cancel out opponent stat buffs. Aqua Ring can stack with Leftovers for even more recovery, or Heal Bell can be used if some other Pokemon on your team is suffering from a status ailment. Vaporeon's only ability in this generation is Water Absorb.

Location: Hearthome City, from Bebe, received as an Eevee. To evolve Eevee into Vaporeon, use a Water Stone.

Staraptor- (Amulet Coin)

Close Combat
Brave Bird/U-turn/Aerial Ace/Heat Wave/Ominous Wind/Endeavor/Roost

Staraptor is fast and furious. Between its amazing base 120 Attack stat and great base 100 speed, it hits like a freight train. I couldn't really think of a good item for it, so I gave it the Amulet Coin, and since this is meant to be an in-game team, this item is great because it doubles the money you get after the battle. Fly is the main Flying type STAB move that you should pick, as it has good power while also being an incredibly useful HM move outside of battle. Close Combat is the second move, and provides great coverage, hitting its Rock and Ice type weaknesses for SE damage, as well as hitting Steel types (who would otherwise resist it) super-effectively. Return is the Normal type STAB move of choice because it is very powerful (102 power maxed out) and has no downsides. Staraptor has an interesting movepool, so that last move could pretty much be anything. Brave Bird will hit the hardest out of all of its moves, U-turn is for scouting, or you can go for Aerial Ace, which will never miss. Heat Wave can be a fun move to mess around with due to potential burning of the foe, or you can go with Ominous Wind to play around with a potential all stats buff. Endeavor can be used if you are low on health to bring the opponent down to your HP, or Roost if you want to recover your health. Intimidate is Staraptor's only ability in Platinum.

Location: Route 202, catch as a Starly. Starly evolves into Staravia at level 14, and Staravia evolves into Staraptor at level 34.

Luxray- (Zap Plate)

Superpower/Elemental (Ice/Fire) Fangs/Signal Beam/Thunder Wave

Luxray is an Electric type with solid attacking stats. Despite many people complaining about its supposedly low Sp. Attack, it's Sp. Attack sits at a very solid base 95. It's Attack stat may be quite a bit higher, sitting at a magnificent 120, but that doesn't mean that you can't give it any special moves. This is why I would recommend the first move you give it to be Thunderbolt, which has good power and will do a lot more than Thunder Fang would. Spark is the second move of choice, which has decent power, but unlike Thunder Fang, has 100% accuracy, so I would recommend it over that, so that way Luxray can have a physical STAB move. Crunch would be the third move I would recommend, as it is a neat coverage move that will be very useful against Elite Four Lucian. Luxray has quite the shallow movepool, so you don't have very many options for the last slot. Superpower is probably the best move to have here, as it provides very good neutral coverage alongside Crunch. Fire/Ice Fang can be used, but keep in mind you have to breed for those. Signal Beam can be used due to the confusion chance but is inferior to Superpower. Thunder Wave can be used for utility if you don't want an attacking move in this slot. For the ability, definitely go with Intimidate over Rivalry.

Location: Route 202, catch as a Shinx. Shinx evolves into Luxio at level 15, and from Luxio into Luxray at level 30.

Garchomp- (Life Orb)

Stone Edge
Crunch/Dragon Claw/Fire Fang/Brick Break/Aqua Tail/Draco Meteor/Swords Dance

Garchomp is a beast. As a psuedo Legendary Pokemon with a base stat total of 600, it has no outright bad stats. Most of its stats are quite good, especially its absurd base 130 physical Attack, and excellent base 102 Speed. As such, I would recommend you give Garchomp a mostly, if not completely, physically dedicated moveset. Outrage is the Dragon type STAB move of choice, with a ridiculous 120 base power, it will tear anything that doesn't resist it to shreds. To take care of Steel types that do resist said move, Earthquake is Garchomp's Ground STAB and second move. The third move will be Stone Edge, as that creates the infamous EdgeQuake combo, which boasts very wide neutral coverage. The last move is personal preference. Crunch can be used for coverage, and once again is very helpful against Elite Four Lucian. Dragon Claw can be used if you want a reliable Dragon STAB that you aren't locked into. Fire Fang or Brick Break can work if you want more coverage against Steel and Ice type Pokemon. Aqua Tail is a filler move that can be fun to use. Draco Meteor can hit hard due its absurd base 140 power and Garchomp's respectable base 80 Sp. Attack. Or you can go for Swords Dance to make Garchomp an unstoppable wrecking ball of destruction. Sand Veil is Garchomp's only ability in this game.

Location: This one is actually kind of tricky. You can get in the Wayward Cave early on, but keep in mind that you will have 6 Pokemon before the 3rd gym if you do so. Therefore I would either recommend catching a Gabite at Victory Road, or if you catch a Gible at Wayward Cave, leave it in the Solaceon Daycare up until the final gym or until it reaches level 45 or so. Gible evolves into Gabite at level 24, and Gabite evolves into Garchomp at level 48. However, I strongly recommend either putting Gible in the Daycare until it reaches level 45, or catching a Gabite in Victory Road, do not train up a Gible by yourself, it is a real hassle, since you will have 6 Pokemon on your team very early in the game if you do.

Here it is, my favorite Pokemon Platinum team!

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IMO, this team is broken


-Close Combat
-Flare Blitz
-Poison Jab
-Giga Impact

Gastrodon (West Sea or East ur preference)

-Ice Beam
-Sludge Wave
-Stone Edge


-Shadow Ball
-Explosion (or Hyper Beam)


-Shadow Ball
-Solar Beam
-Sludge Bomb
-Energy Ball


-Dragon Claw


-Volt Switch
-Wild Charge

Enjoy ;)

Please explain your choices if you want to re-post this answer. For example, why do you use Drifblim and not Staraptor?
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Frenzy Plant (STAB)
Earthquake (STAB)
Wood Hammer (STAB)
Stone Edge (Coverage against Ice and Flying)
Strong defense and attack and learns powerful moves

Fly (STAB and in game travel)
Sky Attack (STAB)
Flamethrower (coverage)
Aura Sphere (coverage)
can get early in the game, used as a special sweeper. could easily get rid of sky attack for a special attack move.

Surf (STAB and in game)
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump (STAB)
Shadow Ball
Tons of health and reliable special attack. Learns ice type moves too

Crunch (STAB)
Dark Pulse (STAB)
Poison Jab (STAB)
Cross Poison (STAB)
Good attack and defense. I personally have trouble using him. I don't know what moves he should have.

Psycho Cut (STAB)
Close Combat (STAB)
Ice Punch (coverage)
Easy to find as Raltz. Powerful moves and is somewhat fast. Can learn good coverage moves

I used Giratina as my last Pokemon. What could be a Pokemon that would fill his spot on this team?

Shadow Force
Dragon Claw
Draco Meteor

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Infernape - fire /fighting base stat 530
Moveset :
Flare blitz.
Solar beam
Rock throw
Close combat

Milotic - water base stat :540
Ice beam
Dragon pulse

Salamance (my ace) - dragon flying base stat: 600
Dragon claw
Brick break

Mamoswine - ground/ice base stat:530
Ice beam
Iron head

Metagross - steel psychic base stat:600
Meteor mash
Hyper beam

Tyranitar - dark / rock base stat:600
Stone edge
Dark pulse
Iron tail

There you have it . Complete type coverage since it's full of dual types Except milotic, wonderful stats , powerful and accurate moveset that can shut down many Pokemon teams . Go boy make cynthia cry and thank me later :)

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Infernape @ Charcoal
Ability: Blaze
- Close Combat
- Flare Blitz
- Rock Climb
- Thunder Punch
Location: Route 201 (Starter)

Luxray @ Zap Plate
Ability: Intimidate
- Crunch
- Fire Fang
- Thunder Fang
- Iron Tail
Location: Route 203 (Wild Pokemon)

Floatzel @ Splash Plate
Ability: Swift Swim
- Ice Fang
- Waterfall
- Crunch
- Surf
Location: Valley Wind works (Wild Pokemon)

Roserade @ Meadow Plate
Ability: Poison Point
- Sunny Day
- Solar Beam
- Shadow Ball
- Sludge Bomb
Location: Route 201 (Wild Pokemon)

Togekiss @ Quick Claw
Ability: Serene Grace
- Air Slash
- Shadow Ball
- Aura Sphere
- Fly
Location: Eterna city (Gift Pokemon)

Garchomp @ Draco Plate
Ability: Sand Veil
-Dragon Claw
-Ice Fang / Rock slide
-Dragon Dance
Location: Wayward Cave (Wild Pokemon)

Please explain your choices if you want to re-post this answer. For example, why do you use Togekiss and not Staraptor?
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Infernape is the best starter for Sinnoh, best suited for gyms and Elite 4. Torterra can also achieve something as it has access to powerful moves such as Earthquake and Wood Hammer, and also has access to Rock Polish. Once it sets up, sweeping is guaranteed. Empoleon has bad moves as well as stats. Hence providing the teams of only Infernape and Torterra.

Infernape Team: [Infernape / Floatzel / Gardevoir / Staraptor / Hippowdon or Garchomp / Weavile]
Torterra Team: [Torterra / Floatzel / Gallade / Staraptor / Houndoom / Weavile]

[The options for ground types depending upon the availability of Earthquake TM, i.e. if you can gain momentum and jump off the particular ledge in Wayward Cave]

Water Types:


Ability: Swift Swim
- Surf
- Waterfall
- Ice Beam
- Crunch

Surf & Waterfall are useful HM Stabs. Ice Beam for grass coverage and hits Garchomp. Crunch is for neutral coverage.

Fire Types:

Infernape Houndoom

Ability: Blaze
- Flare Blitz / Fire Blast / Flamethrower
- Close Combat / Focus Blast
- Grass Knot
- Shadow Claw

Choose Stabs of your wish, but I prefer the first ones. Grass Knot and Shadow Claw for coverage.

Ability: Early Bird / Flash Fire
- Flamethrower
- Crunch / Dark Pulse
- Sunny Day
- Solar Beam

Flamethrower, Crunch and Dark Pulse are STAB. Sunny Day to set up for Flamethrower and Solar Beam (coverage).


Ability: Intimidate
- Fly
- Defog
- Close Combat / Steel Wing
- Brave Bird

Fly and Defog are HMs. Brave Bird is great Stab. Close Combat or Steel Wing for coverage.


Infernape Gallade

Ability: Steadfast
- Psycho Cut / Zen Headbutt
- Brick Break / Close Combat
- Night Slash
- Bulk Up

Choose your Stabs. Zen Headbutt is Move Tutors. Night Slash for Coverage. Bulk Up is an useful move to raise Atk and Def.

Ground Types:

(Noble Earthquake learners learnt by level up)

Torterra Hippowdon Mamoswine

Ability: Overgrow
- Earthquake
- Wood Hammer
- Rock Slide / Stone Edge
- Rock Polish

Earthquake and Wood Hammer are his main Stab. Rock Slide / Stone Edge for Coverage. Swords Dance to raise attack to massive levels or Rock Polish to raise its poor speed.

Ability: Sandstream
- Earthquake
- Yawn
- Rock Slide / Stone Edge
- Fire Fang / Thunder Fang

Earthquake is Stab. Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Fire Fang and Thunder Fang are for coverage. Yawn puts the foe to sleep (mainly for walls).

Ability: Oblivious / Snow Cloak
- Earthquake
- Ice Shard
- Rock Slide / Stone Edge
- Stealth Rock

Dark or Psychic Types:

Houndoom Weavile Gardevoir Gallade

Ability: Synchronise / Trace [Trace is preferred]
- Calm Mind
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Thunderbolt

It is a good replacement for an electric type. Use some Calm Mind and you would be a beast. Psychic is STAB. Thunderbolt is for neutral coverage and Shadow Ball is for Ghost Coverage.

Weavile @ Razor Claw
Ability: Pressure
- Night Slash
- Ice Punch
- Brick Break
- Ice Shard

Brick Break is for some coverage (if you don't have Gallade, or didn't give Brick Break to him) or fill it with other TMs, and the rest are STAB. Night Slash requires Heart Scale after evolving it. Ice Shard is more likely to go first.

Roark: Handled by Starters
Gardenia: Handled by Monferno and Staravia
Fantina: Handled by Grotle, Floatzel.
Maylene: Staravia / Staraptor, Gallade, Monferno, Torterra, Gabite.
Crasher Wake: Torterra, Gardevoir (with Shock Wave) and Grass Knot
Byron: Handled by Hippowdon, Gabite, Torterra, Infernape, Houndoom, Gallade
Candice: Houndoom, Infernape, Gallade and Staraptor
Volkner: Torterra, Hippowdon, Garchomp

Aaron: Staraptor, Houndoom, Infernape, Ground types, Gardevoir.
Bertha: Weavile, Torterra, Floatzel, Gallade, Grass Knot
Flint: Floatzel, Hippowdon, Garchomp
Lucian: Floatzel, Weavile, Houndoom, Gardevoir, Gallade, Infernape (oof!), Garchomp

Spiritomb: Staraptor
Roserade: Staraptor, Infernape, Houndoom, Gardevoir, Gallade
Togekiss: Gardevoir, Weavile, Floatzel
Lucario: Staraptor, Infernape, Gallade, Garchomp, Hippowdon, Torterra
Milotic: Torterra, Gardevoir, Gallade
Garchomp: Weavile, Floatzel

TM Locations

Hope this helps :)

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Grinding to level 38 on Maylene's gym is ridiculous. I remember my Ponyta reached Level 38 when I was at Candice gym, since I don't like grind more than my enemy's level,
Yeah, that's why mentioned Gardevoir
Why didn't you mention Garchomp for Ground types?
It's the best Ground type Pokémon in the game.
1. Evolves late
2. Can't learn Earthquake via lvl up

"(Noble Earthquake learners learnt by level up)"
are there no other grass options ?
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Team for People who can trade
Infernape- Flamethrower/Flare Blitz, Close Combat/Brick Break, Thunder Punch, Shadow Claw
Flare blitz for power flamethrower to avoid recoil. Same with close combat and brick break. Thunder Punch for water and flying and shadow claw for psychic types. Insane attacks and speed. Best starter for the game.

Crobat- Fly, Cross Poison/Sludge Bomb, Bite, Steel Wing
Fly for obvious reasons. Any poison type move sludge bomb is stronger but crobat has better physical atk. Bite for Fantina and steel wing for rock and steel. It is a great 'mon overall.

Scizor- Bullet Punch, X-Scissor, Night Slash, Aerial Ace
Very strong Pokemon. bullet punch is boosted by technician and gives priority. it kills Lucian

Gastrodon- Surf, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Waterfall
Strong special attacker. Slow but very bulky.

Jolteon- Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam
Strong and super fast. Be careful it is very frail.

Gardevoir- Psychic, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt/Shock Wave, Calm Mind
Strong. T-bolt for power Shockwave if you don't wanna waste time at game corner

Replacements if you cannot trade
Bronzong for Scizor- Psychic, Flash Cannon, Shadow Ball, Grass Knot(Heatproof)/Rock Slide(Levitate)

Weavile for Gardevoir- Night Slash, Avalanche/Ice Punch, Aerial Ace, Dig

tm locations

Metal Coat- Iron Island
Thunder Stone- Solaceon Ruins
Razor Claw- Route 224, Victory Road, Veilstone Galactic Building (With Dowsing Machine)

I hope you enjoyed this team will bring more such teams for other games
Thank You

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Flare blitz for power flamethrower to avoid recoil. Same with close combat and brick break.

Does Close Combat have recoil?
No, Close Combat only gives Def- and Sp.Def-, but it doesn't matter since you can switch in-game after KOing a Pokemon.
Yes that was what I meant. He/she has written wrongly (maybe by mistake).
By recoil I mean the defense drops not HP drop
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Here is a good team with starter.

Empoleon @mystic water
surf/strength/flash cannon
drill peck
Ice beam
I chose for the first triple alternate move choice since it is double weak to torterra hence ice beam and weak to infernape hence drill peck. Also see Garchomp.

Staraptor @sharp beak
Close Combatg
steel wing
Fly and return are Obvious STAB, Close Combat is rock coverage and steel wing is filler.

Luxray @Magnet
Thunder bolt
Thunder Wave
Rain Dance
I know it seems stupid to give Rain Dance to Luxray but it sets up rain for empoleon in doubles in-game.

garchomp @soft sand
Dragon Claw


Gallade @Odd incense/fist plate/expert belt
EVs: 100 spe
Brick break --> Close Combat
zen headbutt
swords dance
leaf blade/thunder punch/earthquake/fire punch/night slash/ice punch

Shout out to sumwun for this edit

Flareon @charcoal
shadow ball


Umbreon @soothe bell
Dark Pulse
shadow ball

Roserade @Black Sludge
Giga Drain
Sludge Bomb
Sunny Day
Solar Beam


Abomasnow @Miracle Seed
Wood Hammer
Ice Beam
Ice Punch
Giga Drain

For the Last three Pokémon I offered alternate options depending on if you have the confidence to rely on three Pokemon three Pokemon until the gift eevee. With said Gift Eevee, if you choose Umbreon do the change of giving Lucario Fire Punch over Ice Punch/giving Garchomp Flamethrower over crunch.

edited by
I have explained choices here. let me know your thoughts
I think Gallade is better than Lucario because Kirlia comes at a much higher level than Riolu, so Gallade is stronger when both are given the same amount of experience.
Alright mate. If you can give me a set, I will edit it. Thanks for informing me. Looking at it now, I agree because you only get infinte amounts of ralts and kirlia and only 1 riolu
Gallade @ odd incense/fist plate/expert belt
EVs: 100 spe
- brick break -> close combat
- zen headbutt
- swords dance
- leaf blade/thunder punch/earthquake/fire punch/night slash/ice punch

Getting only one Riolu has nothing to do with how useful that one Riolu is. You can get only one Jolteon, but Jolteon is still better than a lot of Pokemon that are obtainable an infinite number of times. The biggest difference between Lucario and stuff like Jolteon and Gallade is that Lucario comes later and at a lower level. Also Abomasnow has low speed and a lot of weaknesses. I recommend just using Roserade.
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Ability: Torrent

Flash Cannon
Grass Knot

Surf to get around on and a powerful water type move, flash cannon for the strongest steel type move it can learn, grass knot for coverage and blizzard for dragon and grass types.

Ability: Intimidate

Brave Bird
Close Combat

Brave bird for a powerful flying type move, close combat for amazing type coverage you usually don't get, u-turn for psychic types and it's a free switch and fly to get around on.

Ability: Natural Cure

Petal Dance
Sludge Bomb
Stun Spore
Shadow Ball

Petal dance for a very strong grass type move with the side effect of confusion (it should be able to knock out whatever before hand), sludge bomb for a strong poison type move, stun spore to paralyze the opponent and shadow ball for move diversity.

Ability: Steadfast

Psycho Cut
Drain Punch
Leaf Blade

Psycho cut for a strong psychic move, drain punch for no side effects and it will heal you, leaf blade for type coverage and earthquake for type coverage and electric type Pokemon up until you get swinub.

Ability: Flash Fire

Dark Pulse
Thunder Fang
Iron Tail

Flamethrower for a strong fire type move, dark pulse for a strong dark type move, thunder fang for water types and iron tail for move diversity.

Ability: Snow Cloak

Ice Shard
Rock Slide
Rock Climb

While it might take a long time to get, it's the best Pokemon I've found to use against Cynthia's Garchomp along with Weaville. Earthquake for a powerful ground type move, ice shard to always hit first and to knock out Garchomp, rock slide for move diversity and rock climb to use in victory road and for move diversity.

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Starter: infernape
(Infernape, Staraptor, Luxray, Garchomp, Vaporeon, Houndoom)
i)Flamethrower/Flare blitz
ii)Rock climb
iv)Mach punch/close combat

Flamethrower or Flare blitz are STAB.
Rock climb is for HM and it deals a pretty good damage in the battle too.
Solarbeam is for coverage against water types.
Mach punch or close combat are STAB.

i)Close combat
ii)Brave bird
iii)Ariel ace

Close combat is for coverage for Staraptor disadvantage against ice and rock types.
Brave bird is a STAB move.It is for when you can take a risk of high recoil.
Ariel ace is a STAB. It is for when you can't take any risks.
Fly is for HM and it also deals a high amount of damage in battle.

i)Thunder fang
iv)Discharge/Ice fang

Thunder fang is STAB. Can be used when you can't take any risks.
Strength is for HM and deals good damage in battle.
Thunder is STAB with HIGH damage.
If you can do Luxray's breeding then ice fang is a good coverage or else Discharge is good too.

i)Dragon claw

Dragon claw is a STAB move.
Earthquake is very powerful STAB move.
Cut is a HM.
Flamethrower is a coverage against Garchomp's 4x weakness against ice type.

i)Aurora beam

Aurora beam is a coverage against Grass types.
Dig is a coverage against electric types.
Surf is a STAB move.
Waterfall is another STAB move.

ii)Rock smash
iv)Faint attack

Crunch is a STAB dark type.
Rock smash is HM and a good fighting type
Flamethrower is Highly powerful fire type.
Faint is a decent good attack.

Why Aurora Beam over Ice Beam? Why Dig for coverage if it is ridiculously weak on Vaporeon? Why are you using Waterfall to do damage? Why are you using Vaporeon over Bibarel or Floatzel? Why not Roost and Brave bird instead of Brave Bird and Aerial Ace?
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Here's the team I'm currently making in my replay of Platinum, it seems pretty solid till now, here's the team-
#1: Infernape-
If we compare all three starters in terms of ingame performance, even tho each starter is almost good as each other, Infernape's speed gives him the edge other 2 don't have. It has more advantages in ingame fights too. It clearly has one of the best type combos in Pokemon- Fire/Fighting. It gives it lot of advantages in type matchups, and the diverse movepool with good stats in both attack categories is icing on the cake! Here's the moveset I reccomend-
1st- Flamethrower (utilizes it's special attack, best fire move it can get if you don't like flare blitz' recoil, obtained by teaching tm 35 found at fuego Ironworks' interior)
2nd- Close Combat (best fighting move for Infernape, utilizes it's physical attack, learnt on lvl 41, Brick break is good alternative if you don't like the defensive stats drop, Brick break tm found in Oreburgh gate cave's lower floor, but have Bicycle and rock smash HM)
3rd-Thunder Punch (coverage to deal with Flying and Water types, First get 2 red and 6 blue shards by either trading star pieces for them in Fuego Ironworks, finding them on certain routes they are found in or digging in underground, then go to route 212's raining side and there you will find a house mid route, the hiker move tutor lives there, he will teach it in exchange of the shards)
4th- U-turn (coverage for psychic and good move to retreat while dealing damage. Shadow claw is good alternative, but I prefer U-turn, both are taught by tm, U turn tm is found by surfing to southernmost part in Canal in Canalave city, the small part with green grassy floor and trees south of the bridge, shadow claw tm is given by Fantina after beating her)
#2: Staraptor-
Best early route flyer in Sinnoh, found on the very first route of the game, it's excellent attack and superb speed it's a cool sweeper and able to learn fly, other flyers like Crobat work good too, but Staraptor is my preference here. The moveset I've prepared is-
1st- Fly (To fast travel and solid flying type move for Staraptor, also good to use when Staraptor's in a pinch, found in Vielstone galactic warehouse after defeating 2 Galactic grunts guarding it)
2nd- Return (Best normal move if your Staraptor is quite friendly to you, tm given by Professor Rowan early game, You can check friendship using the friendship checker in poke watch, a good alternative is....I can't find any...sorry; but Return works for most people anyways)
3rd- Close Combat (Coverage against rock, steel types etc, learnt on lvl 34, just when Staravia Evolves! So be sure to evolve Staravia before challenging Vielstone gym leader!)
4th- Filler spot, U turn is good if you didn't give it to Infernape, Defog for the foggy route or Aerial ace is ok too (aerial ace learnt by level up, defog HM found in Solaceon ruins)
#3: Roserade-
Best Grass type in Sinnoh, we are not gonna use Luxray or Jolteon, Why? I'll explain later in this answer. Our electric type in this team is found after Crasher wake gym so Roserade is best option against Wake, and Roserade is awesome to deal with Bertha. I suggest cathing Roselia in route before Hearthome instead of evolving Budew. The moveset I suggest is-
1st- Petal dance (best grass move for Roserade, an alternative is....maybe Giga drain? Anyways both moves are learnt on lvl 40, don't evolve your Roselia until it learns Petal dance as Only Roselia learns it in the evolution line)
2nd- Sludge Bomb (Best poison move for Roserade, found in Vielstone Galactic warehouse's lower floor)
3rd- Stun spore (paralyzing foe can help in tight situations, and help Roserade out speed lots of opponents with it's good speed, Other status moves it gets don't work as good as Stun spore, learnt on lvl10 , so Roselia would probably have it by the time you catch it)
4th- Shadow ball (filler move, but works good on Awesome special attacker like Roserade, tm found on foggy route right of Celestic town)
#4: Gastrodon-
West form found in valley windworks, east form in route right of pastoria, tho the only difference in both is looks. Water/Ground combo..ah....so good. both defensively and offensively good with only grass as a weakness, it's awesome Pokemon, improve it's attack stat for using Earthquake, the best move it an get before post game. good surfer and waterfall climber for team too! BTW I came up with a good nickname for it- Erodon (Erosion+ don) The best moveset I could make is-
1st- Surf (for water travel and best Water move for it. hm in Celestic town, given by Cynthia's grandma either after defeating galactic grunt there in Dimond and Pearl or defeating Cyrus in Platinum)
2nd- Waterfall (another hm needed and good to use on Donny. hm found in Sunnyshore city, given by Jasmine, a gym leader in Johto who IDK why came to Sinnoh)
3rd- Earthquake (best Gound move as earth power is postgame. the reason for improving it's physical attk. tm obtained in wayward cave. enter from entrance below cycle route, requires strength hm in DP but not in PTM)
4th- Ice beam (coverage against it's only weakness- grass. found in route 216 near a female skier, requires rock climb hm)
#5: Magnezone-
the electric mon of our team! I don't suggest Luxray as it neither has good speed to outspeed it's opponent to KO it before being hit hard nor does it have good defense to take a hit before hitting opponent, it might work for some people, but Magnezone beats it by it's solid defenses. not Jolteon as it gets good electric moves too late in game. Magnemite found outside fuego ironworks. you an get it only after Wake as you need surf for going to fuego ironworks. It's solid spcl attk and defenses make it a solid asset in the team! level it up in mt. coronet to evolve magneton into magnezone. a good moveset for it is-
1st- Thunderbolt (of course the best electric move for any electric spcl attacker. good alternative is discharge. thunderbolt tm found by surfing to area behind valley windworks, discharge learnt on lvl 40)
2nd- Flash cannon (best steel move for it. Given by steel gym leader Byron after defeating him)
3rd- Tri- attack {good filler move for it. only magneton an learn it tho, so don't evolve magneton until it relearns it if you want this move. get heart scale, best method to get it is showing the news guy in solaceon town the Pokemon he wants to see, which is mostly not a hard task, then go to a house near the gym in pastoria, meet the fat blue color shirt guy (I'm not body shaming him I'm just describing his appearance so everyone can identify him) he is the move relearner, teach tri attack in exchange of the scale}
4th- Magnet rise (to save magnezone from earthquake and most ground moves, learnt on lvl 50, but faster method is getting 2 green, 2 blue and 4 yellow shards by methods mentioned before, go to the snowpoint move tutor found in house on right side of northern part, teach it in exchange of obtained shards)
Tip: If you are going to use Magnezone against Cyrus' Gyarados in the distortion zone battle, giving a focus sash to Magny before the battle is recommended, (outspeeding Gyarados and Magny can be OHKOed by EQuake I wish stury worked in gen 4 JUUUUUUUUST like how it does in 5, wait, almost all Pokemon with sturdy are defensive but with a 4x weakness, maybe THAT'S why sturdy was given to them and changed in gen 5, Gamefreak must've notied this problem..........hmmmmmmm) just for that battle, not any other IIRC
#6- Weavile-
Best Pokemon to deal with that destructive demon of a Garchomp owned by Cynthia, it out speeds Chompy even when it's underlevel, hits hard with physical attacks, awesome dark type to deal with psychic E4 Lucian. Best Ice and Dark mon in DPPT. use the hidden item finder in poke watch in Cyrus' room in Veilstone galactic HQ to find razor claw, give it to Sneasel, and level it up on night while it holds razor claw to evolve it into weavile. Sneasel found on snowy route 216. Best moveset for this ideal glass cannon sweeper is-
1st- Ice punch (best ice move for it. route 212 move tutor teaches it in exchange of 2 red and 6 blue shards, don't forgrt to say "omae wa mou shindeiru" to Garchomp before using it! )
2nd- Night slash (best dark move for it, and the higher critial hit ratio is icing on cake. move relearner in pastoria teaches it in exchange of heart scale)
3rd- aerial ace (coverage against fight and bug types. tm found near dr footstep's house on route 213)
4th- X scissor or brick break (both are good but I prefer brick break. teach brick break if you didn't use it on Infernape, otherwise teach x scissor. x scissor tm found between 2 grass patches in right part of southern part part of route 221)
Tip: If battling Cynthia on SET battle mode, giving focus sash to Weavile before the battle is HIGHLY recommended
So that's the team I made. I hope you like it! bye until next time!
Infernape Staraptor Roserade Gastrodon Magnezone Weavile

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I decided to do a challenge in platinum where I don't use any of the starters and no two Pokemon can share a type. This is the final team when I fight the elite four

Staraptor is the best birb ever and is available really early and it just brute forces its way thru everything. Also serves as the fly slave

Rotom is the electric type and has a very useful ground immunity. Sub is just filler moves because this thing has a non existent movepool. This does come useful against Wake and in the watery routes. Thunder wave also comes very useful against Fantina for slowing down that irritating Mismagius

Gallade serves as another hard hitter along with Staraptor. Ralts can be gotten relatively early and you can even get Gallade before Maylene's gym since you can travel to pastoria in that time. You can find a dawn stone in the swamps west of pastoria. Just evolve this at level twenty four so it can learn swords dance via level up at twenty five. Saves you the trouble of milking the old folks near the mansion

Houndoom is another heavy hitter this time on the special side. You can get it just south of veilstone. Fire blast is just a filler because there really isn't any other move for it and it might come useful when you need to hit something really hard

Roserade adds another strong attacker. Toxic is just filler because it doesnt' have a movepool and giga drain is a good stab along with sludge bomb. While Budew is available just north of jubilife, don't catch a Budew. Friendship evolutions are horsecrap so wait until you can get a Roselia. Also, don't evolve it before level forty so it can learn petal dance as a last resort move. This one comes in handy against Wake and Bertha

Does Garchomp even need an explanation?

Finally, just pick any starter you want and just box it when you have Starly. I believe you can catch a Machop just to the north of the first gym so it can serve to help you against Roark and then just box it. Also, catch a Bidoof so you can have an hm salve and a Bibarel if you're too lazy to level up the Bidoof

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PokeMon Platinum version Team that I used.

Pokemon: Torterra,Gallade,Houndoom,Magnezone,Staraptor,Garchomp

Torterra: Wood hammer,earthquake,synthesis,stealth rock.

Wood hammer:Because it does great physical damage synthesis will take back all damage done from recoil.
Synthesis:Like I said before Wood Hammer damages Torterra as well so, this is a strategy.
Stealth rock:Does damage on others who switch.
Earthquake: Ahhh Fire won't stand a chance against this move.

Gallade: Psycho Cut, Leaf Blade, Reflect, Ice Punch (Or Stone edge)

Psycho cut: Is Gallades signature move and gallade is bad on SP. ATK So this is like PH.A Version of psychic also critical ratio is high.
Leaf Blade: Best Grass PHY A. Move which also haas a critical ratio.
Reflect: Just to help your team from attack resistance.
Ice Punch: Great for handling, Grass, Flying, and is better than stone edge in Platinum because of acuracy Great if you have Razor claw so critical madness >:D

Staraptor: Close Combat, Brave Bird, Roost, Edeavor

Close Combat: Finishing move. masive damage to it's weakness ice as well.
Brave Bird: Great Attack which will also do grea damage Roost will heal recoil.
Roost: will heal recoil and damage from Brave bird.
Edeavor(I know it's spelt wrong): If you have no choice then let Staraptor our with an item which prevents 1 hit KO, Then use edeavor to get the foe down to your health.

Magnezone(Air balloon): Thunderbolt, Lock-On, Zap cannon, Flash Cannon.

Thundebolt: Great SP. ATK That does 95 damage Also a chance of PARLZ.
Lock-On: This has the same PP As Zap cannon so use this before so Zap connon always hits.
Zap-Cannon: Always hits with Lock-On, Always PARLZ.
Flash Cannon: Always good to have 1 Steel type move in there for when the air balloon pops.

Houndoom:Crunch,Fire Fang,Payback, Sucker Punch

Crunch: Houndoom is good on PHY ATK's so crunch is a strong version of a fang.
Fire fang: 1 of the 4 elemental fangs, PHY AK. Can burn.
Payback: If opponent is faster, This can do 100 damage. PHY ATK.
Sucker Punch: This is a last stand attack, It allows you to go first , can fail if foe is not readying an attack though.

Garchomp:BrickBreak, Draco Meteor,Sandstorm(with Sand veil),Dragon Rush.

Brick Break: For against Ice users.
Draco meteor: A great attack which does massive damage.
Sandstorm: With the sand veil ability, your evasiveness rises and will also hurt other non steel,rock,ground types.
Dragon rush: May make others flinch, and good dragon move that it can learn.

Air Balloon didn't exist in Gen IV...
i was thinking of houndoom.
I literally love this team. Thank youuu >v< Although it took me forever to find a dawn stone XD
Houndoom is a special attacker, not a physical attacker.
Houndoom is a special attacker...
Why have 2 ground types on the same team? And both Torterra and Garchomp have a 4x weakness to Ice types.
I would swap Garchomp for a mystic water Floatzel and give it this set:
Ice Fang
Psycho Cut isn't Gallade's signature move, Kadabra, Alakazam, Absol, Mewtwo and Cresselia learns Psycho Cut as well.
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-Wood Hammer
-Stone Edge
-Synthesis/Outrage (Depends on preference)
IMO best starter in Sinnoh. Wood Hammer: STAB, Earthquake: Is earthquake, Stone Edge: High powered coverage, Synthesis: If you want recovery from Wood Hammer, Outrage: Will need move tutor, but more coverage.

-Psycho Cut
-Close Combat
-Night Slash
-Ice Punch

Just kills everything and covers a lot of types.

-Shadow Ball
-Shock Wave

Found relatively early in the game. Used for fly, and not as overused as Staraptor, Shadow Ball: STAB, Shock Wave: Coverage and nice to have for double team, etc... Will-O-Wisp: Annoying and lowers attack.

-Dark Pulse
-Solar Beam
-Nasty Plot/Sunny Day

Covers Ice weaknesses from Torterra and Drifblim: Flamethrower and Dark Pulse: STAB killers, Solar Beam: Coverage, Nasty Plot/Sunny Day: Nasty Plot to 1HKO everything, Sunny Day if 2-turn Solar Beam is an issue.

-Fire Fang
-Dragon Dance

A bit late-game, but an absolute beast nonetheless. Just power up with Dragon Dance and kill everything in sight.

-Iron Defense
-Gyro Ball
-Rock Slide

Not strictly power, but I always find these extremely annoying to fight. Iron Defense and Hypnosis will annoy the opponent, and Gyro Ball and Rock Slide provide the attacks (Especially to Ice, which this team has several weaknesses to) Earthquake isn't included only because we will have already used the TM.

(NOTE: I know this is a late response but idc and some people like playing the old games too :D)

Garchomp doesn't get Dragon Dance and horrible Houndoom set.
Oops my bad, swords dance works instead, and on Houndoom, if you don't like solarbeam, shadow ball/sludge bomb works too.
Garchomp isn't late game, in Platinum you can catch a gible right after the second gym...
none of your pokemon can learn surf