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By the way, let me know if these make things easier or harder for you. Kind of defeats the purpose if it's the latter. I figured since there were about 14 pages of unanswered posts spanning over a year of suggestions, it would be kind of helpful to clear out a few that have already been done and also to get rid of some duplicate suggestions. I know you use the questions to keep track of everything, but just a way to keep all your things in one place. Thanks to the power of Strikethrough, it can be simple to keep track of. I also do this for users that might suggest something that you may have already been working on or saw as a suggestion that they wouldn't have known about without searching through several unanswered pages. Some posts I simply linked here, but didn't hide. Bold text means that the posts were made several times.

I also hid stuff that deals with problems no longer relevant to the site due to updates. For example, I had a post about a bug letting you post a certain way that is now hidden.


  • Having an "Are you sure you want to leave this page" setting on the computer to prevent having a page freeze or something happen when it closes out and you lose your text for a post (asked Jun 22, 2012 by Speed freak )
  • Make a Forum for the site, particularly for the RMT (suggested well over 9000 times and I believe already in progress)
  • Have the moveset checker take into account abilities, but also take into account if a pokemon has multiple immunity abilities. (Asked by Trachy here)
  • Make a location guide for the Hidden Hollows (Asked here)
  • On the "hidden & flagged" section of the Admin site, can you make it so that it is in order of when somthing is hidden, not when it was asked, answered, or commented on?
  • Create a notifier on your internet browser's tab when somebody makes a new post in the Chat (similar to gmail's chat when another person posts)
  • Change the RMT rule listed here.
  • Make a Site tutorial of common issues on the site for the page's youtube account.
  • List base power by generation.
  • Have a feature on the user pages that says "online/offline/busy/etc" and having an invisible feature to show who is available.
  • Have the ability to bold/italicize on the chat.
  • In the Chat, denote each user's rank by some means.
  • Suggestion: no longer allowing "I need help with [Pokemon] Questions. "I mean most of them asking help for them like "is his moveset or EV spread fine??" and allowing "Did I EV train properly". Since the people in the first option can post thier moveset and see if any critique comes."
  • Have a character counter for posts.
  • Pick Experts by hand (User's rationale here)
  • Make it so when you go to your answers page you can search for a question.
  • Have the ability to post spoiler style in the questions so that you can condense large amounts of text if need be to have people unfurl. That or obviously just for spoilers. A "read more" does the same thing, but in the questions themselves.
  • Weavile's ice punch page on the site apparently said that he cannot learn it by move tutor. This is incorrect, as he can learn it by move tutor in platinum. (Asked over a year ago, so likely outdated)
  • Add in Dream World Mechanics to the pokemon Breeding Game Mechanics Section.
  • Make a symbol to show when a user is typing in the chat (similar to gmail chat).
    -Link Smeargle's moveset page to his profile page.
  • Create an IV calculator.
  • Put: Page 1-2 on the top of the answer section on questions. " I had to go all the way down the page to get to page 2 of questions. Why not put it at the top for it being easier?"
  • Have a notifier to tell users when they have been banned and unbanned.
  • In the chat, prevent the ability to post repeat posts like when someone posts three times in a row.
  • In the chat, give moderators the ability to delete specific posts.
  • Have a guide or a template post for the RMTs on the battle subway.
  • Add the sibling accounts page to the "Useful Posts" section.
  • Add in a "Shiny Pokemon finding" guide section for the information pages.
  • Take a look at this hiding time error.
  • Allow Mods to Edit usernames.
  • Disable the ability to edit your profile after being banned.
  • Create a private messaging system
  • Allow moderators to see who voted on posts.
  • Allow people who can kick to choose the amount of time they kick the user.
  • Create a Dream World Page.
  • Have a way to search on the users page.
  • Have an instant way to make yourself idle or busy on the chat.
  • Have the item dex
  • add the mini icon sprites you see on your party's pause screen to the gallery of images.
  • Give the ability to flag only X amount of posts when you're a new user, and then increase that number as you gain more points.
  • Have an edit history for user profiles.
  • Add unhiding to the editing history. reason
  • Perhaps give mods the ability to remove privileges?
  • Have a way to sort all the users on the users page in alphabetical order.
  • Add to the stats for Pokemon the max value with a neutral nature.
  • Clarify the move copycat on its page. "Copies opponent's last move." That is what the description on the db page says, where in reality Copycat copies the last succesful move used, not the last move used by the opponent.
  • Can you make it so users cant see who rejected their post?
  • Johto Safari Guide
  • Suggestion:Maybe you could add a map for Twist Moutain
  • Add a "Downvoted answers/questions" part of the questions, similar to "unanswered."
  • Display the percentage of Best Answers on profiles.
  • Suggestion: Make it so tags can only have a maximum of three words. Most above that are just gimmicks
  • Suggestion:Add Exp. needed to get pokemon at Lv. 100 for all pokemon.
  • Perhaps make it so when a post is edited and less than 10 letters are changed it does not signify the post was edited.
  • Make it so that banned users can still get to the rules page. According to a test by Mike and Ayan, they cannot.
  • Have a centralized way to see what you're working on to prevent repeat suggestions from making more stuff for you to sift through. Maybe have it sorted by "Technological/programming, walkthrough/content, site/user interface, site rules, other" so that you can break it down by how long or how much effort it could take to change up, that way maybe other users can take on assignments for you.
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That was much much more then i expected!
Sad, none of my suggestions are here. xD
I didn't go through all of them, if it's any consolation. I got tired of going through them after about 7 pages of this. There may have also been suggestions that would be completed by doing another thing here or that address the same core issue as another suggestion did.
IS, you weren't around  a year ago :P
DT how do you make those adorible little dots???!
You either use ctrl+u or just click the bullet button in your options in the post maker.
Can u add like DB chat and like FC trade chat or something like that?

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Just cut the Unanswered Section right in half.

  • Rethink The Tags for the RMT
  • Specify that Keldeo Event applies only for B/W 2 (The original post didn't say where this was)
  • Suggestion: Questions with the tag 'unresolved' go in the unanswered section.
  • Update the moveset searcher with tutor, event, and purified moves.
  • Make a notifications page for users to show things like ban history, name changes, etc.
  • Add a tab to unanswered questions for questions that only have downvoted answers.
  • Pokemaster, what do you think about putting a picture of the route on the pokedex section? It could be a picture of the town map with the route in question highlighted. I think it would make it easier for those of us who can't identify the actual route with the Route number.
  • Can we do something to make all the users with the 20 starting points not appear in the users page? For users with no activity. If they have 1 Upvote and 1 Downvote then allow them to stay, but if they have absolutely no activity and have been users for at least a week then make some way to hide them but still allow them to post, and when they finally post, allow them to be shown again. These users are the majority of the users pages and really don't need to be shown unless they want to be active. And once they make one post then the can stay on the page unhidden.
  • Suggestion: Let us actually use HTML in Markdown. Font-color and font-size can stay disabled, but I would love to use center commands and such. <h#> tags. lasses and IDs. Divs! Other neat shtuff. Borders and Tables would be amazing.
  • Consider giving more users the ability to kick.
  • Give the ability to edit hidden posts without having to reveal them again.
  • Give an actual warning system that is nonverbal for the chat like "You have been warned once" similar to the kick, but one that doesn't do anything. This way we don't have the issue of complaining that nobody said anything to them, and that way we have an actual system of dealing with people.
  • Give the ability to edit Wall posts
  • Add a "This question has been hidden" notification when a mod hides a question.
  • Make the chat more user friendly on the 3DS.
  • Allow wall posts of favorited users to appear in My Updates.
  • Add a notification for when someone is typing an answer for a question.
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  • Bring Back the negative points
  • Have a username history box on each user's page.
  • If possible base the voting system around the IP address rather than individual users so duplicate accounts cannot upvote.
  • I [Stuxain]was browsing the Pokedex when i discovered that the Relicanth page (accessed from the National Dex) is missing information, in fact, it's missing all information regarding the Generation III games, where it was first introduced, such as catching locations in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, as well as any other regional-specific information associated with the Hoenn region.
  • Adding footprints and body shapes to Pokemon pages?
  • Pokemon Generation 1 Locations-Some of the locations for pokemon Blue, Red, and Yellow are missing in pokemon Locations. An example is Mt. Moon, it shows the locations for pokemon for Hg and SS, FireRed and LeafGreen, and Gold and Silver, but not the first Generation. I asked something simular on the pokemonbase so I could learn the pokemon locations in Mt. Moon in pokemon Yellow.
  • I wanted a Furret (Black 2) and saw that you can't catch one in Unova. So then I looked at Sentret's page. It said you could catch one on Route 7. I then went to the Pokemon Locations page and saw that it had to be a Swarm for Sentret to appear. I guess it was my lucky day because the Bulletin Board in the gate said: "Pokemon outbreak at/on Route 7". I then went to Route 7 (in game) amd walked in the Regular Tall Grass, and encountered a Furret! (btw I caught it!) But on the Pokemon Locations page for Route 7 Unova it says that you can't catch Furret. I'm not asking for Pokemaster to fix this right away just pointing out a small problem. Anyway, please fix this for the people out there who only have a Gen. V game and want to catch a Furret!
  • Add profile views. Badges can be like Steam/X-Box Achievements, except without any "gamerscore" (points) added. Just a nice little thing to have. Although instead of calling them badges, I suggest calling them Medals, after the medals in BW2. The other two are more of aesthetic features that serve more of a fun purpose. Bounties are something I really want. http://stackoverflow.com/privileges/set-bounties
    We could have a tab in Unanswered Questions that is for Questions With Bounties. Although, I would rather not have a maxiumum time the bounty is available for before being rewarded.
  • Come up with etymologies for the moves
  • Have more than four moves in the move type coverage page for team battles and all that.
  • Raise or remove the "quit writing your question" limit.
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