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Name changes are now closed.

Name rater

Name changes are now unlocked and will run until Thursday (or until I remember to close it again).

To update your username, click your username, then the "Edit my account" button. Or use this link shortcut.

Username restrictions:

  • Usernames may not contain 'Pokemaster' in them, nor profanity.
  • Due to technical restrictions these 3 characters cannot be used: @ + /
  • Invisible characters (e.g. zero-width spaces) are not allowed. Regular spaces are fine.
  • The maximum number of characters for usernames is 20. This includes all letters, numbers, symbols and spaces.
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June 2 is almost ending.
Man Pokemaster has one busy life
Y'know, this is the only website I know of where you can change usernames without making a new account. We should all be grateful we can change at our usernames ever.
^^ Yeah, not many sites do that. I can think of a site though that let's you change your name.
But yeah, Pokemaster isn't a computer you know. :P
I just want to say thank goodness you forgot about closing this because I nearly forgot to change my name to back to Indigo. o_o
I'm thinking about the username VV, again.
Or maybe Super Kami Guru...
i might change usernames in fall  something... if anything i will change to this nick: lugiaAreo or ThePotato i might have little comtest when username changes open up again i dunno

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Jofly > Viking Jofly

enter image description here

Dam, that to good.
Vikings rule the world
u are le viking now you shall do a dance
7 votes

I told myself I'd go back over the summer so.

The Fallen $eraph ---> $tarPower

:OO teh apocalypse
teh Star iz back!
but you need a music note symbols
I don't have those anymore :/
what do you mean?
♪ .-. if you need to find music note characters.. find them here:
(^▽^) Yay Star is back.
6 votes

hell, guess I change it to dOkTorR (ツ) d00D?

yeah no. but A name change can be nice.
Meh, i'll use that name in all future.

probaly not going to keep it for a superlong time anyway <.<
6 votes

Back to Ninja.

5 votes

On June 1, 2014 it will be a full year since I joined the Pokebase. Therefore, in memory of that, I shall change my name to the name I joined with:


I know, it's a stupid name. :P
But in the end, it was my first name, and I am very inquisitive. xD
It will only be for a few days but when I'm done being inquisitive I'll change back to !'•-Indigo-•'!

Back to Indigo.
5 votes

From Esuicune back to... Eponyta!

I'm un-evolving! Rejoice!

It's either that, or Elatias...

ELatias? And then that looks weird.. Um, golden keyboard milk chocolate with roasted hazelnuts, anyone?
Go for Eentei :P
Screw all of them. Eeevee xD
Should go ePonyta, or eLatias.
How about eMail?
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Terlor ----> Kawaii Terlor. -Because im more sugoi than you'll ever be.

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A kawii orc. Nice! I should draw that...
4 votes

Its been 3000 years...
This name is stupid, it's time I lose some characters.
qwertyzoom44 --> Qwerty

Lol I know what you're thinking but I didn't feel like changing the whole name (I don't know, just didn't want to :3).

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4 votes

Akely > Natsu

nooooo! we can be the Kawaii bros!
Maybe next time :D
Dat Anime fanboy :P
3 votes

Well...........I've thought about it......So....I have a 'Dark' form...DraconicUmbreon02, and from the previous name-changing season, NightClawLiepard02(I dropped the 'the' due to the character limit) .....sooo...Vote?

GlidingEmpoleon02--> 1 vote

DraconicUmbreon02--> 1 vote (Maybe 2 counting Torterra02's vote)

Electridash02--> 3 votes (Maybe 4 counting Torterra02's vote)

NightClawLiepard02--> 0 votes

If at least 5 people tell me to, I might consider dropping the '02' in all of my names.

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GlidingEmpoleon02 and we all be happy
Electridash or Electridash01 FTW.
Why doesn't anyone like Draconic Umbreon02?!
DraconicUmbreon02 or Electridash02. I like those.
Kek. i think you're a little late there, Ayan.
3 votes

Eh, I'll prolly still be called Io/Ion, but w/e...

I shall be

Phoebus Apollo~

3 votes

I find people just call me noby, sooooooo...

NOBY 112 -----> The Noby

I might do this, but I might not, I don't know. I need feedback!

*The Noob
Sick burn.

3 votes

PokeNubz to Aura Warrior

Simple Change

In honor of Lucario of course

Im gonna have alot of fun calling you "Awa"
Aura..ugh..bad memories..

if it weren't for the bad names than this is a great name tho :P
3 votes

I can't choose :o
I was gonna stick with the potato thing

plz vote for one?
Miz Potato


Potater-Nater 1 vote c:

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Potater-Nater is the best name ive heard in a while, yes please!
awesome c:
Miz Potaticornater. Perfect. :D
It is perfect, I think I'll go with it :D
3 votes

Polite Patamon
No, that was just to stall up until now.
Watch this, no worries, it's clean:

Am I able (do digivolve into) Angemon?

digivolve (aka namchange) tooo

Amiable Angemon

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Your wish is my command! I am now your friend!
3 votes

Blitz --> RecreativeReshiram.

3 votes

Dan has been knighted and shall henceforth be addressed as: Sir Dan
(What I'm British, get over it.)

If you fail to address me with my honorific title I will...

How very "Sir" like indeed :P

On a final note only people I class as my friend's can address me as "Dan".

That is all.

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Am I your friend, Dan?
No. Ah ha :P xD just kidding, come on were friend's right? :3
:/ Sure.
lol :D
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So, I've decided to go back to normal characters, instead of 'weird unreadable symbols'...

~金枪鱼罐头~ ---HAHAHAHAHA I lied. JK. This is Canned Tuna, or Can Of Tuna, in Chinese.
They're not a collection of random symbols, and they're readable. trolololololo
~金枪鱼~---Just Tuna

Or I could go with this:
Tuna--- sounds bettter than Can Of Tuna.

AsianVegetables---An old username. I'm not too sure about this.

A Cereal Σiller---lol? I put a sigma in place of the K, so it could also be an M
Also, whenever I comment or answer, it would be "Answered... BY A CEREAL KILLER"

Greed The Avaricious

I'll add onto this later

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So... Golden Spear Fish. Ok.
I don't want the Chineseness. ;-;
Tu n'aime pas? :'(
Yes... My precious..... We shall take you opinion into consideration... ssssss
Dunno, at least I can read the Chinese. *叹一口气*
2 votes

Le Scraf to Scraϝ

It's time for a reckoning. I feel as if the name Le Scraϝ has become too stale. Sure, it has a nice ring to it, and it isn't a name for Scrafty such as Hoodlum, Mohican, Punk or Terrorist, but I decided to go with Scraϝ for a few reasons:

  • Le Scraf has become too bland for me. It has also lost its charm. If I regret this change, I can always go back in the fall.
  • Scraϝ is not much different than the other name.
  • Le Scraf is kind of a mouthful (in my opinion, at least...). Also, it has spawned other names included, but not limited to:
  • Le Scarf, Le Scrap, Le Soup, Le Shaq, Le Scrai, Le Scrub, Le S***, and Sempiternus.
  • I feel that it is time for a change. It is my username, and I decide if it is what I want or not.
    I don't know why I did those votes anyways...
  • "With so much drama in the L-DB its kinda hard being Le S-c-r-a-f, but somehow, someway, I keep coming up with funky ass s***, like every single day."
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No. I decide your name for you. There's no question in that.
Your Le Scraf.
You shall forever be Le Scraf.
Snoop dogg reference btw
On my phone it appears as 'Scra' :P
It appears as "Scra?" on my phone :P
I liked Le Scarf.
2 votes

Yoshi = ssenter image description here

Ssj magikarp

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