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Current Tournament:
Flare's Mono Arceus Tournament [Signups open now!]

Thread Information

On this thread, you can post suggestions as to what tournaments should be hosted on the site! When you post suggestions, please make sure that you include all rules that will apply to your tournament and the amount of members in it. The most popular tournaments, determined by those with the most votes, will be hosted next. Old and not-so-popular suggestions will be hidden over time to prevent clutter.

Please check through the existing answers and the tournament winners pages linked above to make sure your suggestion hasn't already been made.

Take note that these tournaments will not be hosted on the 3DS, but on a Pokemon simulator called Pokemon Showdown. Also if you have a new suggestion that has not been suggested, post it and see if it gets support!

Please read the selected answer (the first answer you'll see) for additional information.

List of Tournament Winners
Showdown/Online username thread


Tournament Name

Brief description of tournament, eg. "All pokemon have to be the same type" (as much as people like to post long and fun descriptions, short ones are better)

List of rules and clauses, e.g
"OU/Monotype Banlist
Standard Smogon Clauses Apply
Heatran is banned from Fire Teams
No Stealth Rock" etc

Add any extra details or more complicated rules at the end.

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When will the next tourney begin?
So, if a tournament has at least 6 up votes, will it definitely happen at some point?
Read the selected answer.
So many amazing tourneys being suggested, and we still havent finished the STABmons tourney. gj guys.
I don't think all tournaments need to specify the number of participants. Many ideas involve single elimination or round robin and won't be changed much if one more or one less person participate.
If there isn't or doesn't need to be a set number of participants in the tour then just say so in the post. I thought that was obvious.
Missed the sign-ups for the Mono-Arceus tournament. When's the next one gonna be?
I'm guessing 1-2 weeks after this one finishes.

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Best answer

If you have an idea, then share it. But we really don't need seven people trying to have tournaments constantly. If you like an idea, upvote it. If you don't like it, downvote.

  • Highest voted suggestions will go first.

  • Post whether your tournament is going to have 4 people, 8 people, 16 people, or any number of people.

  • Tournaments can only go with a moderator's go.

  • Challonge match-ups cannot be used. You must have the match-ups written on the post.

  • No signing up for the tournament before it gets a meta question.

  • Tournaments require at least six upvotes before they can go.

  • Tournaments in negatives will be hidden.

  • If a tournament seems like it will be best held for a special occasion, it will be postponed until that occasion.

  • You must put matchups in the post. Not in an answer, it just makes it difficult.

Why aren't the tournaments proceeding?

We take breaks in between tournaments, and people have to meet each other. We have due dates.

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If you make the tournament are you garunteed a spot?
No, you can enter it only if you want to.
Why are we not allowed to use Challonge? Also, since Ninja's gone, do we not have to listen to him any more?
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Behold... Mono Arceus Tournament

The on-going Smeargle tourney gave me an idea. Why not have a mono-Arceus tourney?
Well, there are some rules of course, you have to have a team full of Arceus, but the twist is that they must be a different type, each. This will stop people from spamming Close Combat all over the place on the Normal Type Arceus' :P

  • Every team must be made out of Arceus.
  • Each team must have six different types of Arceus.
  • Standard Smogon clauses apply.
  • You may toggle around with EV's however much you like.
  • The only item viable is the plate of the Arceus type you're using.
  • Have fun. This is the most important rule of all, and if you disobey, you're out :D

So, this is my idea, hope you like it, and hope this happens! Lez' do this!

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Since when is Arceus Water predictable? :P
Anyway, you know me. The movesets are gonna be wacko.
i wuv dis idea O3O  OMA this is so awsome!
No offense, but where am I going to get SIX ARCEUS. I mean come on.
http://play.pokemonshowdown.com is where. These tournaments are not played in-game, check the OP.
Now that it's not 2013 anymore, I think Z crystals should also be allowed.
17 votes

Okay. First-time post from me.

The Hunger Games Tournament!

24 Players in all.
People sign up as teams of two, or individually and randomly matched up after 24 tributes are committed. Teams (obviously 12 teams) will be randomly assigned a District that they represent.
Tributes of the same district can collaborate if they wish, or work individually. It's up to the tributes of the district. No cheating by working with tributes from other districts.
Battles are singles. Showdown OU Bans apply.
Teams are created based off the ideal production of the district. IE, District 2 would use rock types and pokemon of that nature, district 4 use water types and pokemon of that nature, etc. Comment if any districts are tricky to make teams for (IE 8, textiles, use pokemon with cutting hands, or something of that nature.) Get creative with it!

I believe that explains it all.


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Awesome!! +1
So because I'm so awesome and from the Capitol, would I get Uber Pokemon? Or just all types?
Lol nice idea Rio, was going to post a HG themed tour a while back but couldn't find the correct wording for it.
I'm in :P
I'm so in!
Sounds awesome! I love the idea that we can team up only is we want to, which really adds a Hunger Games feel to it. ;)
So I'm guessing Grass Types would be for the lumber District?
Hell yeah, I'm in
Wow, I had no idea this would get so popular so fast. Lets hope it gets accepted and started soon! :D Thanks for the support, guys!
I'd like to be teamed with PX, Dr.Flame, or Ayan if possible.. :P
15 votes

One more from me, can't really think of a name for it.

  • 16 people can participate.
  • Once all contestants have signed up, a deadline will be given. Competitors can battle anyone they want in the tourney. No matchups are given. So if me, Riles, Unrecognizable, and UberPwnage sign up, I can challenge any one of the 3 contestants that are present.
  • You can battle as many times as you want. Meaning you can battle 80 times if you wanted to. All battling ends on the deadline.
  • The tier that the battle will be is determined by the agreement between the two battlers.
  • A point system determines who is kicked out of the tournament. All competitors start with 10 points. Gaining and losing of points is determined by the amount of Pokemon the winner has left. Let's say I 6-0 Riles. I would gain 6 points, and he would lose 6. If I 1-0 him, I would win 1, he'd lose 1. The 8 people who have the most points after the deadline move to round 2; the 4 people who have the most points in round 2 will go to round 3, and so on. Points are reset each round to make battling happen. If there is a tie, the people with the tie must battle it out to proceed.
  • FEAR, SmashPass, and OHKO moves are banned.
  • Smogon's banlist applies.
  • Smogon's tiers are used.
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OMA, i love it :D
OMA? lol i love it to <3
Oh My Arcues...... lol
But good idea Mew
A few problems with the tourney. I love it, just some things that wouldn't work.
 - would you keep your points hidden?
 - what if you battled once and lost, and your opponent refuses to battle you again?
There are no matchups. Points will be displayed in your answer.
Do Ubers and AG count as tiers?
14 votes

I suggested this a LONG time ago, but it didn't take.

Question this is based off of.

The "Annoying Woodland Creature" Tourney.

Rattata, Weedle, Caterpie, Pidgey, Hoppip, Sentret, Hoothoot, Zigzagoon, Wurmple, Poochyena, Bidoof, Kricketot, Starly, Patrat, Lillipup, Bunnelby, Fletchling, and Scatterbug.

These are Pokemon you generally avoid. They are on the first route of every game. So, let's make a tournament with them :D


  • Only the listed Pokemon can participate
  • Evolutions may participate.
  • Banned abilities: Gale Wings, Reckless, Huge Power on the three BL+ Pokes. Unless it is NFE.
  • Evasion / Accuracy moves are allowed on the first stage Pokemon.
  • Standard OU bans, other than evasion.

Winner gets 3 coins on the server. Yeah, this will be the way to get coins. Winning DB tours! They'll have a purpose eventually.

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Diggersby tho?
holy crap this is AWESOME
Can someone remove Gale Wings from the banned abilities considering it's nerf.
I don't know, you can still get off one priority Brave Bird and multiple Acrobatics if you can OHKO Pokémon. I'm not sure about the numbers but I think it would still be too strong. Plus it has Roost.
The ability bans only apply to BL+ Pokemon. Talonflame is below BL now, so it can have gale wings.
13 votes

Battle of the Titans!


  • Each pokemon must be either over 5 Feet Tall or weigh more than 500 Pounds. Height and Weight will be determined based on their pokedex entry.
  • Only one Uber pokemon allowed
  • Only two OU pokemon allowed
  • Kyogre is banned
  • Regular Showdown OU bans apply

Can you fit the requirements and still make a creative team? With these bans you may have to dip into UU, RU, and NU. No spamming those Scarfed Kyogre Water Spouts either. Let's get this battle under way, prepare for the ground to rumble because it's the

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Oh yes. This has so much potential.
I would so be in
Are you making a reference to Attack on Titan, by any chance? :3
Nope lol
NU! :D
Lolz Mr K
Grass Knot should be banned in this. It would do 120 damage (before weaknesses and resistances)!
Also , Grass knot and low kick are banned .They will make the torney to win for every  person
13 votes

Scrabble Tournament

enter image description here
Using this random letter generator, you will be given 6 random letters. For every letter you get, you will choose any pokemon that's name starts with that letter (that isn't ubers) to put on your team. For example, If you get an A, you can use an Alomomola, but you cannot use an Infernape. Additionally, for every kill you get, you will get points based off the letter of your pokemon. (see below)
The most ideal format I see fit would be Round Robin. You will battle every participant, win or lose, and whoever has the most points at the end of all the battles will win. A trusted user/host should keep track of all the points after each battle, and/or replays. (if necessary)
• Standard OU bans.
• Round Robin
• For every kill, depending on the letter of your pokemon, you get points. The points are based off of the actual scrabble game. (see here) For example, if you're using a Machamp and you knock out a pokemon, since M is worth 3 points in scrabble, you will get 3 points.
• Optional: No duplicate letters. (reroll)
• Optional: One reroll is allowed.

Open to suggestions.

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Wow Quagsire will be so OP.
spams generate button!!!!
How do you know if other people are cheating?
It's a good idea though.
More votes please, I really want this to go, it looks really cool :D
LMAO zygarde will be seen a lot
13 votes

I'll follow you tourney e3e

I'll explain. Basically, you start off with a Pokemon of your choice, but it must be dual type'd. The second Pokemon's Primary Typing must then match the Secondary typing of the former Pokemon. I'll give an example:

Your starting Pokemon is Venusaur:

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Which means that the next Pokemon in the list must have Poison as it's primary, and any type you want as it's secondary. So for e.g, I could now add in:

enter image description here enter image description hereenter image description here

See? It's Primary is Poison, Venu's secondary. You repeat this up to the 6th Pokemon, where you can have any secondary typing.


Pokemon 1-5 must have dual typing
OU bans
Regular Showdown Clauses
16 participants
Save Replays for questioning if anyone has complaints about the match.

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i like that idea!
Oh dang. A tour idea that actually seems gud. O:
Why not have it so that the last pokemon is dual typed, and their second type is the same as your first Pokemon's first type?
I love this idea!
Good thought, Noby.
If the last Pokemon can be single type, why not the first one?
12 votes

Mixed Tier Mono-Region Tournament

Each person gets 13 points to spend on Pokemon.
-OU and BL are 4 points.
-UU and BL2 are 3 points.
-RU and BL3 are 2 points.
-NU and PU are 1 point.
-NFE (http://www.smogon.com/bw/tiers/nfe) and LC (http://www.smogon.com/bw/tiers/lc) are .5 points.

You will be randomly assigned a region. Each region will have at least three people, one region will have four people to it though.

All other standard rules will apply, I will post them if and when we have a meta question for this tournament.

As you might notice, there are two mixed-tier tournament suggestions. The one that gets the most upvotes by the time it is chosen will be the one that is done. I will hide the other one. So vote for your favorite!

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make the 4 person region Unova
Most regional Pokedexes have Pokemon from earlier generations. For example, Alakazam is on the Hoenn Pokedex, so can Alakazam be on a Hoenn team?
12 votes

Team Tourney
I think JCM posted about it but it never got going, but I'm hoping to bring it back :D

There will be 4 captains. (Decided from when everyone signs up)
Each captain will take turns picking their players.
Draft One
Captain 1 picks his player.
Captain 2 picks his player.
Captain 3 picks his player.
Captain 4 picks his player.
Draft Two
Captain 4 picks his player.
And so on.

Players will compete in all tiers. So captains try and pick smart, not just all the best players but only in OU.
The team(s) with the most wins after all players have battled go to round 2.
24 players + 4 captains. 7 people per team.


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The 1st pick will be Mew ._.
By the time this tournament comes up, it will be me. o3o
There's some wishful thinking for ya!
Btw Mew will prolly be a captain. Same with Hex if he's in it
Yeah Mew, Hex, Someone, and someone will probably be captain.
Mike as well and maybe you, Flame.
Yay im captain Kuchiki Byakuya Division 6
11 votes

Triple-Type Tourney

The rules are:

  • Only three pokemon allowed
  • Only one pokemon of each type
  • They must be from the categories listed
  • Drought and Drizzle abilities are banned
  • Smogon OU Tier
  • Regular smogon bans apply

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

To take place on Showdown

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Can I use Ludicolo or Volcanion?
11 votes

I can't think of a good name for this tournament. The best names I've come up with so far are

The Stealing Tourney or The Plasma Tourney (Because team plasma steal Pokémon)

• Regular OU tournament with regular Smogon bans
• 16 Participants
• It starts off as 3 on 3
The winner of the first game chooses one of the opponents Pokémon to put on their team for the next round( as if you are stealing it)
• This applies for all other rounds, so by the end it will be 6 on 6
• Everything is passed over when you steal a Pokémon (EVs moves nature ect)
• Put your username in each of your original Pokémon's nicknames, (e.g. The Noby's Garchomp) so you can tell who's Pokémon you have.
•I just thought this might be fun!

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I like that, cuz then you can steal their worst one and be a noob :D
If we get less than 16 players, can we start with 4v4? If we get more than 31 players, can we start with 2v2?
10 votes

The Avatar Tour

Here's how it works:
- 8 or 16 players is required
- (if 8) 2 players will be from the same tribe, (if 16) 4 players will be from the same tribe
- The tribes have certain types that they can use, the list is detailed here
- Your tribe will be determined using the month you were born in
- Members of the same tribe can only face each other if they make it to the finals
- One match only, replay required as proof, no re-challenges due to hax

Any other question please ask me via comments.

Thank you one and all for reading.

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Name Change: Earth Rumble Six
Fire Blast Five
Air Shifter Seven
Water Ball Nine

How about I leave it at "The Avatar Tour" ;P
Pokemon + Avatar: The Last Airbender= Me Gusta :D
10 votes

We've all heard of Little Cup, and we've all heard of Monotype, but what about Monotype LC?


  • Regular LC Bans
  • Hax Items


  • 16 Participants
  • All teams must be made up of LC pokemon
  • All teams must be made up of pokemon that are all of the same type
  • Double-typed pokemon are allowed, as long as one of their types is
    the type you are using
  • You can use whatever type team you want, bar the 3 that are banned.
  • All rules are negotiable, if you can provide a tangible argument as
    to why a rule should be added or lifted, it will be done.

Originally Ben's idea but since it didn't take off because we couldn't finish the other tourneys before time took off im re-posting.

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Unban mono Ghost and psychic, and what's included in hax items ? Hopefully this will get enough up votes to happen : D
hax items are stuff like king's rock and brightpowder
9 votes

Random Battle tournament.

Use http://randompokemon.com/

Select all but Ubers. Must use generated natures.

Battles are two out of three, no replays required, you can change teams unless you are in the middle of a battle (Obviously.)

inb4 trachy wins.

answered by
*spams generate button*
Yep, unfortunately, people can cheat.
9 votes

I can't believe this hasn't been suggested already.

Same Team Tournament

The unique aspect of this tournament makes you use different skills than you would in a regular battle.

So this is how it works:

  • Instead of creating a team of 6 Pokemon, you only make a team of 3.
  • There are no restrictions on what Pokemon you can use! Ubers, OU, UU, even NU and LC class Pokemon. It soon will become obvious why. (Banned tactics should probably stay banned, however.)
  • For each battle, both competitors combine their Pokemon into one team. For example, if I picked Talonflame, Aegislash, and Caterpie, and my opponent picked Arceus, Smeargle, and Jolteon, we would both merge so that we'd battle each other with the same exact team (Talonflame, Aegislash, Caterpie, Arceus, Smeargle, and Jolteon).
  • Nothing (movesets, items, EVs, etc.) may be changed when you merge teams.
  • Then the battle begins! Since you have the same exact team as your opponent, the winner of each battle will be determined by how skilled each player is at handling the Pokemon presented to them.

So, that's my tournament idea. If you like it, please upvote it! If you have suggestions, please comment them! Thank you!

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8 or 16 people can participate; it doesn't really matter.
This is THE best tourney suggestion I've seen so far!
Thanks. :)
Actually I really like this, seems awesome xD
There are lots of people who think the presence of Uber Pokemon makes the game less fun, even if both players have them. I think Uber Pokemon should stay banned.
8 votes

To commemorate the new ORAS releases, I thought we could turn the clocks back about 10 years. To when I was 8, and most of the fanbase of Pokemon now were conceived or still in diapers. I'm talking nothing other than a Gen 3 OU tournament. Of course, there's a hitch. We're going by the Hoenn dex, meaning only things that appear on this page right here: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/game/ruby-sapphire-emerald
8 or 16 people, depends on signups.
Of course, there are bans. These include:
Soul Dew
All forms of Deoxys
Anything not on that page
Edit in bans (5:51 am, 7/22)
Due to reading a gen 3 ubers list, here goes a cleanup ban list

Explanation on Wobuffet and Wynaut:
With Shadow Tag, if Wobuffet and itself or Wynaut switched into each other, the battle would turn endless in a heartbeat. With gen 3 Struggle, it's based off of damage percent, not arbitrary 25% HP. With that being said, Wobuffet can't damage itself with struggle enough to go past leftovers recovery, hence making the battle endless until someone forfeits. This is particularly why Struggle's recoil was fixed in gen 4.

Notable changes from Gen 6 all the way back to 3 are:
-No Stealth Rock or Toxic Spikes (Spikes were conceived in gen 2, therefore, are fair game. Get your Skarmory ready)
-There were no fairies. Prepare a steel type. (Skarmory though)
-The physical/special split did not happen yet. To get the type chart for which is which, click here: http://www.psypokes.com/rsefrlg/battlechart.php
-Blaziken isn't uber, nor does it have Speed Boost.
-Mawile is pathetic and probably not worth your time
-Choice Band is available, but not Specs or Scarf
-Will-O-Wisp has 75 Accuracy
-No Sandstorm SDef buff

Suggestions are welcome. :)

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Suggestion: Each team must include one Pokémon from the Mudkip family.
Swampert was top tier OU in gen 3, so I won't be surprised if that happens without me saying it P:
If you turn time back to 10 years, how can i play? i would realy be in diapers!
8 votes


I saw this one on Smogon, and I thought it was pretty cool

>Have you ever thought the metagame was too ability-centric? Have you ever though some lower base power moves were cool but too weak to use normally? Have you ever used Breloom or Scizor and thought, "I wish other Pokemon were like that"? Well then, Technicimons is for you!

>Technicimons is pretty simple. Stats stay the same. Movepools are only slightly altered. However, abilities are what are completely changed up.


>How to play: Simply put, everything gets Technician and nothing else (with the exceptions of Slaking, Regigigas and Ditto, which only keeps Imposter).

>That isn't all, although it is the main draw of Technicimons.

>Simply enough, any move with 100+ base power is BANNED. Grass Knot and Low Kick are allowed, but Heat Crash and Heavy Slam are not.

>This means no Stone Edge, no Earthquake, no Fire Blast, no Focus Blast, and no CloseCombat or Superpower!
However, to keep from nerfing movepools too much, anything that used to have Focus Blast gets Aura Sphere and anything that used to have Superpower or Close Combat gets Force Palm to balance out movepools.

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What about moves like eruption, water spout, gyro ball, stored power, power trip, and reversal? Or Pokemon like Archeops or Golisopod?
7 votes

Mini FIght! :D

Based on MrKijani's "Battle of the Titans" idea, I have come up with the polar opposite. Yay!


  • Each pokemon must be either under 2'4" Tall or weigh less than 50 Pounds. Height and Weight will be determined based on their pokedex entry.
  • NO Ubers Pokemon allowed (Since only one uber fits this bill, Shaymin-S)
  • Only two OU pokemon allowed
  • Showdown OU ban format
  • Shaymin-S is banned.

Can you channel your little fight and win? With only 2 OU Pokemon allowed, you'll have to go in the likes of UU, RU and even NU. Since these Pokemon are so small, you might have to use NFE Pokemon. No matter the case, best of luck :D

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EVIOLITE SPAM TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which 2 OU Pokemon?
Doesn't matter :D
7 votes

enter image description hereenter image description here



• Obviously, you must make a team with all the forms of Rotom in it.
• There is a catch, if your formless Rotom dies, it's game over. (Similar to chess tour)
• ChestoRest is banned.
• Trick is banned. Debatable.
• EVs have to be 80 in each stat. Debatable.
• Anything else goes.

Seems stupid, but it could be fun. We could through in something weird like each of them have to have moody as an ability.

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I like it. I'd definitely join this.
I'd like to debate against the EVs rule, I think that ruins the interesting opportunity to attempt to create a viable team from Rotom forms.
Yeah, any EVs we want please :P
Please ban double team.