Ghost type Pokémon moves

This is a full list of every Ghost move from all 7 generations of the Pokémon game series. The power, accuracy and PP are listed along with any additional effects.

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Prob. (%)
AstonishGhost 30 100 15 May cause flinching. 30
Confuse RayGhost 100 10 Confuses opponent.
CurseGhost 10 Ghosts lose 50% of max HP and curse the opponent; Non-Ghosts raise Attack, Defense and lower Speed.
Destiny BondGhost 5 If the user faints, the opponent also faints.
GrudgeGhost 5 If the users faints after using this move, the PP for the opponent's last move is depleted.
HexGhost 65 100 10 Inflicts more damage if the target has a status condition.
LickGhost 30 100 30 May paralyze opponent. 30
Moongeist BeamGhost 100 100 5 Ignores the target's ability.
Never-Ending NightmareGhost 1 Ghost type Z-Move.
Night ShadeGhost 100 15 Inflicts damage equal to user's level.
NightmareGhost 100 15 The sleeping opponent loses 25% of its max HP each turn.
Ominous WindGhost 60 100 5 May raise all user's stats at once. 10
Phantom ForceGhost 90 100 10 Disappears on first turn, attacks on second. Can strike through Protect/Detect.
Shadow BallGhost 80 100 15 TM30 May lower opponent's Special Defense. 20
Shadow BoneGhost 85 100 10 The user attacks by beating the target with a bone that contains a spirit. This may also lower the target’s Defense stat.
Shadow ClawGhost 70 100 15 TM65 High critical hit ratio.
Shadow ForceGhost 120 100 5 Disappears on first turn, attacks on second. Can strike through Protect/Detect.
Shadow PunchGhost 60 20 Ignores Accuracy and Evasiveness.
Shadow SneakGhost 40 100 30 User attacks first.
Sinister Arrow RaidGhost 180 1 Decidueye-exclusive Z-Move.
Soul-Stealing 7-Star StrikeGhost 195 1 Marshadow-exclusive Z-Move.
Spectral ThiefGhost 90 100 10 The user hides in the target’s shadow, steals the target’s stat boosts, and then attacks.
Spirit ShackleGhost 80 100 10 Prevents the opponent switching out.
SpiteGhost 100 10 The opponent's last move loses 2-5 PP.
Trick-or-TreatGhost 100 20 Adds Ghost type to opponent.