Steel type Pokémon moves

This is a full list of every Steel move from all 7 generations of the Pokémon game series. The power, accuracy and PP are listed along with any additional effects.

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Prob. (%)
Anchor ShotSteelPhysical 80 100 20 The user entangles the target with its anchor chain while attacking. The target becomes unable to flee.
AutotomizeSteelStatus 15 Halves weight and sharply raises Speed.
Bullet PunchSteelPhysical 40 100 30 User attacks first.
Corkscrew CrashSteel 1 Steel type Z-Move.
Doom DesireSteelSpecial 140 100 5 Damage occurs 2 turns later.
Flash CannonSteelSpecial 80 100 10 TM91 May lower opponent's Special Defense. 10
Gear GrindSteelPhysical 50 85 15 Hits twice in one turn.
Gear UpSteelStatus 20 The user engages its gears to raise the Attack and Sp. Atk stats of ally Pokémon with the Plus or Minus Ability.
Gyro BallSteelPhysical 100 5 TM74 The slower the user, the stronger the attack.
Heavy SlamSteelPhysical 100 10 The heavier the user, the stronger the attack.
Iron DefenseSteelStatus 15 Sharply raises user's Defense.
Iron HeadSteelPhysical 80 100 15 May cause flinching. 30
Iron TailSteelPhysical 100 75 15 May lower opponent's Defense. 10
King's ShieldSteelStatus 10 Protects against attacks, and lowers opponent's Attack on contact.
Magnet BombSteelPhysical 60 20 Ignores Accuracy and Evasiveness.
Metal BurstSteelPhysical 100 10 Deals damage equal to 1.5x opponent's attack.
Metal ClawSteelPhysical 50 95 35 May raise user's Attack. 10
Metal SoundSteelStatus 85 40 Sharply lowers opponent's Special Defense.
Meteor MashSteelPhysical 90 90 10 May raise user's Attack. 20
Mirror ShotSteelSpecial 65 85 10 May lower opponent's Accuracy. 30
Searing Sunraze SmashSteelPhysical 200 1 Solgaleo-exclusive Z-Move.
Shift GearSteelStatus 10 Raises user's Attack and sharply raises Speed.
Smart StrikeSteelPhysical 70 10 TM67 The user stabs the target with a sharp horn. This attack never misses.
Steel WingSteelPhysical 70 90 25 TM51 May raise user's Defense. 10
Sunsteel StrikeSteelPhysical 100 100 5 Ignores the target's ability.